Top 10: Pet Influencers


In many ways, animals dominate the internet- with cats being the most popular and having the largest online audiences. In fact, according to Bloomberg’s Magazine, cats drive almost 15 percent of all web traffic and there are about 30 million Google searches per month for the search term โ€œcat”. Despite cats dominating web traffic, a few dogs and other animals also do well online;ย  and, this is also true in influencer marketing. All over the world, pets have built up a significant following on social media platforms. This integrated tracking has led to many exciting marketing opportunities for brands to reach their target audience ?.

Below is a list of the main pet influencers to follow on social networks, identified through our IMAI technology, which gave us access to all the statistics regarding their activity on social networks as well as more information about their audience and their affinities.

And, well, beyond their cuteness factor we see that pet influencers are effective! After all, who is nicer and more trustworthy than man’s best friend? ?

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