Top 10 Vegan Influencers


Veganism is a practice and philosophy that has grown exponentially in recent years?. In order to heighten awareness of our health and the environment around us, more and more consumers are flocking to adopt a plant-based lifestyle?. By doing so, they choose to abandon all products of animal origin, i.e. meat, fish, dairy products and eggs and condemn all forms of animal exploitation and cruelty. The trend is vastly communicated on social media; with influencers showing recent adopters of the lifestyle how to create vegan dishes ? and inspire them to live a successful vegan lifestyle.ย 

This week’s Top 10 selects content creators sharing their journey and love for veganism?. We were able to identify them using our social data platform, which gave us access to all the statistics regarding their social media activity as well as more insights into who their audienceย  is and what their affinities are.

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