Top 10 YouTube Gaming Influencers


Video games ? are a spearhead of modern culture, even ahead of cinema and music. As a result, gaming influencers have become real superstars on social networks, becoming the new idols of the digital age and accumulating millions of views ?โ€? on their YouTube channels in particular.


Whether they are only YouTube gaming fans or professional gamers themselves, gaming influencers have a growing impact on their communities?. Some of them have become real marketing assets for video game developers and distributors, who are increasingly turning to the services of influencers.


Based on insights provided by our IMAI platform, we have selected the top 10 gaming influencers for 2022.ย 

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1.ย Mark Fischbach

2. Seรกn William McLoughlin

3. Jelle Van Vucht

4. Matthew Patrick

5. Daniel Middleton

6. Alia Marie Shelesh

7. Evan Fong

8. Tom Cassell

9. Harrisonย 

10. Jess Bravura