Top 3 Art & Design Influencers to Follow on Instagram in Louisville 2023 – IMAI

Suddenly, the world of art and design has been revolutionized with the advent of Instagram influencers. In today’s digital age, their eye-catching feeds are a melting pot of incredible creativity, jaw-dropping aesthetics and bold ideas.

If you’re an art enthusiast yearning for some fresh inspiration or a design aficionado looking for an exciting collaboration opportunity, you’re in the right place! Sit back, enjoy the vibrancy and get ready to be mesmerized as we dive into the top three art and design Instagram influencers at Louisville of 2023. These powerhouses have created a buzz with their unmatched artistry, clever marketing, and mesmerizing content.

They have shaken up the world of design and are using their influence to drive change and create a movement. Let’s explore these trailblazers together, shall we?

Top 3 art & design Instagram influencers from Louisville:

1. Sam Hensley – @samsketchbook

Sam Hensley, the esteemed art & design Instagram influencer from Louisville, known by the username samsketchbook commands an impressive following of 13,680 loyal followers, with an average number of views per TikTok video clocking in at an astounding 2003360. This social media influencer has managed to capture the attention of their audience’s eye with their unique content that is packed with eye-catching visuals and an artistic touch that is difficult to miss.

Their posts receive an average of 1,896 engagements and boast a robust engagement rate of 13.86%. It’s not hard to see why Sam Hensley has carved out a significant following for themselves with their impressive portfolio of work that is consistently striking and awe-inspiring. If you haven’t yet checked out samsketchbook‘s Instagram page, it’s high time you do so and see for yourself why this is one influencer that is worth keeping an eye on.

Followers: 13,680

Engagement rate: 13.86%

Avg. engagement: 1,896

2. Teagan Bentley – @teaganveganballerina

Teagan Bentley, the Louisville-based Instagram influencer is slowly but surely becoming popular in the art and design community. Her username teaganveganballerina has garnered her around 1,451 followers on the platform, and she is quite active on TikTok with an average view count of 2003360.

Her engagement rate is commendable, standing at 112.47%. The average engagements per post on her page is around 1,632, which is pretty impressive for someone who is still gaining recognition in the Instagram space.

Teagan Bentley is a rising star in the world of art and design.

Her Instagram profile, teaganveganballerina, has been gaining a lot of attention in the industry. With 1,451 followers, Teagan has managed to captivate her audience’s attention with her exquisite artworks.

On TikTok, her average views have been around 2003360, indicating that her popularity is only growing by the day. Not only that, her engagement rate of 112.47% is phenomenal, with an average of 1,632 engagements per post!

The incredible Teagan Bentley is making waves in the art and design scene, and with good reason! With 1,451 followers on Instagram, she has managed to gather a loyal following that adores her stunning artworks.

It’s no surprise that on TikTok, she’s garnered an average view count of 2003360. What’s more, she has an engagement rate of 112.47%, and an average of 1,632 engagements per post, which is a testament to how much her followers love her content.

Teagan Bentley is one artist to look out for!

Followers: 1,451

Engagement rate: 112.47%

Avg. engagement: 1,632

3. Spooky And Some Art –

Spooky And Some Art is an Instagram influencer from Louisville who is known for their exceptional artwork and design skills. They have amassed a staggering following of 25,502 fans on Instagram and their creativity has amassed them an impressive 2003360 average views per TikTok.

Their Instagram page is filled with an array of spellbinding art pieces that showcase their true talent. Their artwork appeals to a broad audience and fans eagerly wait for their next masterpiece.

With an average engagement of 886 per post and a stellar 3.47% engagement rate, Spooky And Some Art has captured the hearts of their followers in a big way. Their posts are consistent and visually pleasing, and the numerous likes and comments from fans are proof of that.

Whether it’s through their captivating drawings, intricate designs, or their unique style of storytelling, Spooky And Some Art has successfully created a brand that has resonated with their followers. They are an inspiration to many people who aspire to be successful artists and influencers on social media.

Followers: 25,502

Engagement rate: 3.47%

Avg. engagement: 886


And there you have it, the top 3 art and design Instagram influencers at Louisville of 2023. Their unique styles and boundless creativity have captured the hearts of thousands of followers and inspired countless of aspiring artists.

Whether it’s through breathtaking photographs, jaw-dropping sketches, or mesmerizing paintings, these influencers have proven that art is not just a form of expression, but a way of life. So why not take a look at their pages, immerse yourself in their world, and maybe even create something beautiful of your own.

Who knows, you might just be the next big thing in the art and design world. The possibilities are endless, and the future is yours to create.