Top 3 Art & Design Instagram Influencers from Al Hoceima الحسيمة with Popularity in 2023 – IMAI

As we enter 2023, the world of art and design is constantly evolving, with new trends and innovative ideas emerging every day. Social media has played a significant role in shaping this industry, with Instagram being one of the go-to platforms for creatives to showcase their work and connect with their audiences.

Al Hoceima الحسيمة, a city in Morocco, boasts a vibrant community of talented artists and designers who use Instagram to promote their craft. In this blog post, we’ll take a closer look at the top three most popular art and design Instagram influencers from Al Hoceima الحسيمة, exploring their unique styles and the impact they have made in the art world.

Get ready to discover some of the most exciting creatives from this North African city!

Top 3 art & design Instagram influencers from Al Hoceima الحسيمة:

1. MOHAMED | NFTS | TRAVEL – @mohamedboukabouz

Mohamed | NFTS | TRAVEL is a prominent Instagram influencer hailing from Al Hoceima الحسيمة who boasts a large and dedicated following. With a staggering 15,245 followers and an average of 468290 views per TikTok, MOHAMED | NFTS | TRAVEL has cemented himself as a leading figure in the world of art and design on Instagram.

But it’s not just his impressive reach that sets him apart. With an average engagement rate of 2.53% and 385 average engagements per post, MOHAMED | NFTS | TRAVEL connects with his audience on a deep and meaningful level.

From creative NFTs to breathtaking travel photography, Mohamed’s profile is an art lover’s dream come true. His page is a must-see for anyone looking to stay up-to-date with the latest trends in the art and design world.

In short, Mohamed | NFTS | TRAVEL is setting the standard for Instagram influencers everywhere.

Followers: 15,245

Engagement rate: 2.53%

Avg. engagement: 385

2. IMAD AAROUSS – ⵄⵉⵎⴰⴷ ⴰⵄⵔⵓⵚ – @imadaarouss

IMAD AAROUSS – ⵄⵉⵎⴰⴷ ⴰⵄⵔⵓⵚ, an Instagram influencer hailing from Al Hoceima الحسيمة, is making waves in the art and design community. With a staggering 5,482 followers on his account, it’s no wonder why so many people are drawn to his content.

In addition to his substantial following, IMAD garners an impressive 468,290 average views per TikTok, and 277 average engagements per post. Perhaps his most impressive stat, however, is his 5.05% engagement rate, proving that his followers are undoubtedly invested in his work.

If you’re looking for a creative mind to follow for inspiration, IMAD AAROUSS’s account, with its varying length sentences, perplexity and burstiness, is definitely worth checking out!

Followers: 5,482

Engagement rate: 5.05%

Avg. engagement: 277

3. Balaich Art – @balaichart

Balaich Art is an Instagram influencer hailing from Al Hoceima الحسيمة. With a following of over 10,000 and 468,290 average views per TikTok, they clearly have a dedicated audience.

It’s easy to see why – their art and design content is captivating, showcasing their impressive creativity and imagination. Each of their posts receives an average of 220 engagements, and their impressive 2.18% engagement rate is a testament to the quality of their content.

Follow along to discover their unique perspective on art and design, and see how they continue to inspire their followers.

Followers: 10,107

Engagement rate: 2.18%

Avg. engagement: 220


In conclusion, there you have it, folks – the top three art and design Instagram influencers from Al Hoceima الحسيمة for 2023.

Their talent and passion for creativity have earned them a loyal following and critical acclaim in the art world.

From stunning photography to captivating digital illustrations, each of these influencers brings a unique perspective and style to their work.

So whether you’re an aspiring artist or just appreciate good design, be sure to follow these influencers for daily doses of inspiration and creativity.

But beware – once you start scrolling through their feeds, it’s hard to stop. Their visually stunning posts are sure to leave you with an insatiable appetite for more.

So go ahead, explore their feeds, and let yourself be mesmerized by the world of art and design in Al Hoceima الحسيمة. Who knows, you may even discover a new favorite artist to follow!