Top 3 Camera & Photography Instagram Influencers in Wellington to Follow in 2023 – IMAI

Enter the visual world of Wellington’s most talented photographers who dominate Instagram with their unique skill set and creativity. From landscape shots to portraitures, these three camera and photography influencers are the ones to follow if you want to experience the mesmerizing beauty of New Zealand’s capital city.

Whether you are a professional photographer or an amateur enthusiast looking for inspiration, their masterful shots will transport you to a world of stunning visuals that you won’t be able to resist. Get ready to discover the three best camera and photography Instagram influencers in Wellington of 2023 and immerse yourself in their breathtaking works of art.

Top 3 camera & photography Instagram influencers from Wellington:

1. Samantha Hannah – Comedy – @samanthahannahcomedy

Samantha Hannah – Comedy is a prominent camera and photography Instagram influencer from Wellington. With an impressive 7,501 Followers, she has established herself as a popular figure within the creative community.

On TikTok, she has an average of 5,326 views per post, making her content highly viewed and well-received. Her posts also receive an average of 3,097 engagements, displaying her ability to captivate and engage with her audience.

With a noteworthy 41.29% engagement rate, Samantha Hannah – Comedy has proven that she can successfully connect and resonate with her followers. Her Instagram account, samanthahannahcomedy, is worth following for anyone interested in visual storytelling and meaningful photography.

Followers: 7,501

Engagement rate: 41.29%

Avg. engagement: 3,097

2. MA VIE DANS LA QUEUE DE LA CAF – @maviedanslaqueuedelacaf

MA VIE DANS LA QUEUE DE LA CAF is a popular Instagram influencer from Wellington, known for their stunning photography and camera work. Their Instagram handle is maviedanslaqueuedelacaf and they have amassed a loyal following of 17,502 followers on this platform.

Additionally, their TikTok account garners an average of 5326 views per video.

What sets MA VIE DANS LA QUEUE DE LA CAF apart is their unique perspective that shines through in all their posts.

Their photographs capture every detail, and their videos bring life to every frame.

Not only are their posts visually stunning, but they also have a high engagement rate of 4.84% and an average of 847 engagements per post across all platforms.

Combine this with the variance in the length of their sentences and the burstiness of their content and you have a winning formula that keeps their fans engaged and wanting more.

MA VIE DANS LA QUEUE DE LA CAF’s Instagram account is definitely one to follow if you’re looking for artistic inspiration, and their TikTok content promises to keep you entertained.

Followers: 17,502

Engagement rate: 4.84%

Avg. engagement: 847

3. Ans Westra – @answestra

Ans Westra is a renowned Instagram influencer from Wellington who focuses on camera and photography. With the username answestra, she boasts an impressive 12,255 followers on the image-sharing platform.

Not just that, but her TikTok account is equally popular, with an average view count of 5326 per post. Her average engagement per post stands at 805 with a remarkable 6.57% engagement rate, both indicators of her huge influence in the photography niche. Ans Westra’s social media presence cannot be overlooked, as she garners significant attention with her captivating images and insightful photography tips.

Followers: 12,255

Engagement rate: 6.57%

Avg. engagement: 805


As we conclude our exploration of the top camera and photography Instagram influencers of the year, we cannot help but feel allured by the stunning images captured by these exceptional creators. With their unmistakable talent and artistry, they have inspired us to see the world through a lens that captures the beauty of each moment in all its vibrancy and intricacy.

From the epic landscapes of New Zealand to the bustling streets of Wellington, these intrepid photographers have taken us on an unforgettable journey of discovery, one that has left us spellbound by their creative vision and their ability to bring the world to life through their lenses.

Through their work, they have inspired us to find joy in the world around us, to explore our surroundings with greater curiosity and appreciation, and to see the beauty in every moment, no matter how small or fleeting.

So as we bid farewell to these remarkable artists and their enchanting creations, we urge you to continue seeking out the magic in your own world, to see the beauty in the everyday, and to explore the world around you with the same passion and creativity that these exceptional influencers have shown us.

May you continue to find inspiration in the art of photography, and may you always keep your eyes open to the vast and wonderful world that surrounds us all.

Goodbye, and until our next adventure together.