Top 3 Film & TV Instagram Influencers from Chesterfield in 2023

They say that the future is yet to be written, but when it comes to the future of film and TV influencers from the small town of Chesterfield, one thing is for sure โ€“ the best is yet to come. After a few innovative years of shaking up the industry, a slew of new social media stars from Chesterfield have secured their place on the growing list of Instagram influencers.

From inspiring photographers to talented actors and actresses, these emerging talents have everyone talking. Get ready to meet the top three film and TV influencers from Chesterfield in 2023 โ€“ and find out what made them stand out from the rest!

Top 3 television & film Instagram influencers from Chesterfield:

1. Rosie Phoenix – @queenofasgarduk

Rosie Phoenix is an Instagram influencer from Chesterfield who posts about television and film-related content. She has an impressive Instagram following of 11,558, a 2496994 average views per TikTok, and an impressive average post engagement of 104 with a 6.68% engagement rate on her posts.

Followers: 1,558

Engagement rate: 6.68%

Avg. engagement: 104

2. Caci Cosplays – @caci.cosplays

Caci Cosplays is an Instagram influencer from Chesterfield, UK. She has amassed over 1,075 followers on her account, where she regularly posts cosplay outfits and tutorials on creating original costumes.

On average, each TikTok post and post on Instagram garner approximately 2496994 and 102 average views and engagements per post, respectively. Her posts have more impressively an engagement rate of 9.49%, promising her impact and reach in the world of film and television.

Followers: 1,075

Engagement rate: 9.49%

Avg. engagement: 102

3. Holly? – @hollisaguineapig

Holly? (@hollysaguineapig) is an Instagram influencer from Chesterfield, UK with a huge following. Specializing in television and film, she has an impressive 1,098 and 2496994 average views per TikTok and 77 average engagements per post.

Her posts have an impressive 7.01% engagement rateโ€”so great job, Holly!

Followers: 1,098

Engagement rate: 7.01%

Avg. engagement: 77

Closing Remarks:

It’s great to see these three Chesterfield influencers taking the world by storm and we can’t wait to see what’s next. As these influencers continue to rise, there’s no doubt that Chesterfield will remain at the forefront of the influencer marketing industry for years to come!