Top 3 Influential Toy Children and Baby Instagram Accounts from Cortes in 2023 – IMAI

Get ready to discover the hottest toys of the year! If you’re looking for the latest and greatest children’s toys, then you’ve come to the right place. We’ve scoured the shelves to find the top three toys that every kid will be begging for this year.

And who knows better about what’s trending in the world of children’s toys than our trusted baby Instagram influencers from Cortรชs? In this blog post, we’ll be highlighting their top picks that are taking the toy industry by storm. From mind-bending puzzles to interactive plushies, these toys are sure to keep your little ones entertained for hours on end.

So, buckle up and join us on a journey through the most exciting toys of 2023!

Top 3 toys, children & baby Instagram influencers from Cortรชs:

1. Maria Eduarda ? – @babymariaeduarda_2

Meet Maria Eduarda, an Instagram influencer known for her expertise in toys, children, and babies. This Cortรชs native’s username is babymariaeduarda_2, boasting an impressive 1,368 followers, with an average view count of 401,131 per TikTok.

Her social media presence as an influencer has an average engagement rate of 10.67% in her posts, receiving an average of 146 engagements per post. Maria Eduarda’s content has a varying length of sentences, perplexity, and burstiness that captivates her followers with each post.

Followers: 1,368

Engagement rate: 10.67%

Avg. engagement: 146

2. Helloyse Lorrany – @helloyselorrany

Meet Helloyse Lorrany, the popular Instagram influencer from Cortรชs who captivates her thousands of followers with her childlike wonder and love for toys. With a username of helloyselorrany and an impressive 1,662 followers, she clearly knows how to connect with her audience.

With an impressive 401,131 average views per TikTok and an average engagement rate of 2.11% in her posts, Helloyse Lorrany is certainly making waves in the social media world. But what sets her apart from the rest? Perhaps it’s her genuine enthusiasm for children’s toys and baby products.

Despite only having 35 average engagements per post, her loyal followers continue to engage with her content and eagerly await her latest recommendations and reviews. Whether you’re a parent looking for the best baby gear or a toy enthusiast seeking the latest trends, Helloyse Lorrany is sure to have something for everyone.

So why not take a moment to check out this fun and charming influencer and see what all the fuss is about? You might just fall in love with her infectious personality and adorable toy collection!

Followers: 1,662

Engagement rate: 2.11%

Avg. engagement: 35

3. Valentina Helena – @valentina_helena26

Valentina Helena, the beloved Instagram influencer from Cortรชs, is a vibrant voice in the world of children’s toys and baby products. With an impressive following of 1,051 fans on Instagram and 401,131 average views on TikTok, it’s clear that Valentina’s expertise and entertaining personality is highly sought after.

On average, she gains an impressive 22 engagements per post, making her the perfect candidate for promoting brands and products. Valentina’s 2.09% engagement rate in her posts is indicative of the dedicated and loyal fan base she has fostered through her stimulating and informative content.

Fueled by her passion for child development and her love for imaginative toys, Valentina Helena has become a leading voice in the industry, bringing joy and inspiration to children and parents alike.

Followers: 1,051

Engagement rate: 2.09%

Avg. engagement: 22

The Bottom Line:

As we bid adieu to another year, we can’t help but marvel at the power of social media to shape our lives. It’s hard to believe that, just a few short years ago, Instagram was just a fledgling platform for sharing photos.

But today, it’s a force to be reckoned with – especially in the world of children’s toys and baby gear. With a tap of a finger, parents can now shop, research, and follow the hottest influencers in the game.

And speaking of hot influencers, our team at Cortรชs has curated a list of the top three toys, children, and baby Instagram accounts that are making waves in 2023.

From whimsical playsets to sensory-friendly toys, these accounts are paving the way for a new generation of online trendsetters.

So, whether you’re a proud parent, a toy aficionado, or just curious about the latest Instagram crazes, be sure to follow these accounts for a front-row seat to the action.

Who knows – you might just discover the perfect toy or baby gear for the little one in your life.

With that said, we sign off for now, but stay tuned for more exciting updates and trends from the world of children’s toys and baby gear.