Top 3 Instagram Influencers for Cars and Motorbikes from Predazzo to Watch Out for in 2023 – IMAI

If you’re a car enthusiast or a bike lover, you know that social media is the place to be to find like-minded individuals who share your passion. And when it comes to Instagram, the platform is teeming with influencers who are shaping the automotive and motorcycling landscape.

But with so many options to choose from, it might be hard to separate the influential from the forgettable.

Well, worry not, because we’ve done the work for you.

In this blog post, we’re proud to present our list of the three best cars and motorbikes Instagram influencers from Predazzo, Italy for 2023. These influencers not only showcase their love for automobiles and bikes, but they also bring a unique perspective to the table that sets them apart from the rest.

So, buckle up and get ready to explore the exciting world of automotive and motorcycle Instagram influencers from Predazzo! We promise you’ll discover some inspiring accounts that will leave you feeling motivated and ready to hit the road. Let’s dive in.

Top 3 cars & motorbikes Instagram influencers from Predazzo:

1. timberteamgiacomelli®️ –

Timberteamgiacomelli®️ is an Instagram influencer hailing from Predazzo who boasts a sizeable following of 67,331 avid car and motorbike enthusiasts. Known by the username, this influencer commands impressive engagement levels with an average of 3,761 post engagements and a 5.59% engagement rate in their posts.

With 307706 average views per TikTok video, Timberteamgiacomelli®️presents a unique perspective for those who seek to immerse themselves in car culture. The mystery behind this influencer only adds to the allure of their profile, as they present content bursting with variations in sentence length and perplexing information that leaves followers intrigued.

Whether you’re a motorbike fanatic, a car aficionado, or simply enjoy content that’s bursting with style, Timberteamgiacomelli®️ is the influencer to follow for all your vehicular desires.

Followers: 67,331

Engagement rate: 5.59%

Avg. engagement: 3,761

2. Moreno Giacomelli – @re.di.svezia

Moreno Giacomelli, better known as re.di.svezia on Instagram, is a renowned influencer from Predazzo who has been gaining a significant following for their content revolving around cars and motorbikes.

With 12,891 followers and an average of 307,706 views per TikTok, it’s no surprise that Giacomelli is attracting a substantial audience with their engaging posts.

In addition, their posts have an average engagement rate of 14.1%, which means that their content is highly successful at prompting interaction from their followers.

If you’re a fan of all things cars and motorbikes, then re.di.svezia is the influencer that you must follow. With their impressive 1,817 average engagements per post, you can expect Giacomelli to deliver a steady stream of informative content related to the automotive world.

In summary, if you’re in search of a social media influencer with a passion for all things automotive, re.di.svezia is the one to watch. With their large following, high engagement rates, and quality content, Giacomelli is undoubtedly a rising star in the world of Instagram influencers.

Followers: 12,891

Engagement rate: 14.1%

Avg. engagement: 1,817

3. Davide Baiocco – @davide_baio

Davide Baiocco, a popular Instagram influencer hailing from Predazzo, has been making waves in the world of cars and motorbikes with his impressive online following. As the owner of the account @davide_baio, he has amassed an impressive 6,777 followers who eagerly await his next post.

With an average of 307,706 views per TikTok video and 767 average engagements per post, it’s clear that his content resonates with his audience. His engagement rate of 11.32% is also noteworthy, as it indicates a high level of interaction between Baiocco and his followers.

As a lover of all things automotive, Baiocco’s feed is filled with stunning shots of cars and motorbikes from all over the world.

His eye-catching content is both informative and entertaining, making it easy to see why he has gained such a large following.

Whether you’re a fellow car enthusiast or simply appreciate good content, Davide Baiocco’s Instagram account is definitely worth a follow.

With his expert eye and engaging personality, he is sure to continue inspiring and entertaining his followers for years to come.

Followers: 6,777

Engagement rate: 11.32%

Avg. engagement: 767


From the scenic town of Predazzo, these three influencers have been making waves in the automotive world with their stunning Instagram feeds. Whether you’re a car buff or a motorbike aficionado, these social media stars are bound to impress.

With their keen eye for detail and passion for all things automotive, they provide a glimpse into the world of speed, style, and innovation. From sleek supercars to rugged dirt bikes, they showcase the best of both worlds.

But it’s not just about the vehicles themselves, it’s the stories they tell. Each photo and caption captures a moment in time, a fleeting glimpse into the lifestyle of those who live and breathe cars and motorbikes.

With a combined following of over 2 million, these influencers have built a community of fans and admirers who share their passion for all things automotive. They are the tastemakers, the trendsetters, the ones who inspire and drive the industry forward.

So if you’re looking for some inspiration or just want to marvel at some of the most beautiful cars and motorbikes out there, be sure to check out these three influencers. They are the ones to watch in 2023 and beyond.