Top 3 Jacksonville Gaming Instagram Influencers of 2023

It seems like everywhere you look, gaming influencers are rising in popularity, and Jacksonville is no exception. With the trends in gaming, live streaming, and digital entertainment, Jacksonville has seen a prolific rise in gaming influencers who have created a strong presence on Instagram.

These Jacksonville-based influencers are taking their gaming skills to a whole new level and using their profiles to share their knowledge and tips with their growing audience. So, without further ado, let’s take a look at the top three Jacksonville gaming influencers of 2023!

Top 3 gaming Instagram influencers from Jacksonville:

1. Fred & Elle Cosplay Designs – @fredandelledesigns

Fred & Elle Cosplay Designs is an Instagram gaming influencer from Jacksonville who is known for their creative cosplay designs. With over 3,450 and 3306500 average views on TikTok and 846 average engagements per post and a 24.52% engagement rate on Instagram, their followers and content are highly sought after.

From stylish costumes to funny gaming moments, Fred & Elle Cosplay Designs provides an authentic, entertaining and informative gaming experience.

Followers: 3,450

Engagement rate: 24.52%

Avg. engagement: 846

2. Vinnie – @not_rebby_boi

Vinnie, a gaming Instagram influencer from Jacksonville, goes by the username not_rebby_boi. On average, Vinnie gets 2,406 views and 785 engagements per post on TikTok, making for a 32.63% engagement rate. With 3306500 average views per TikTok, Vinnie has built an impressive online following and is becoming a power influencer in the gaming world.

Followers: 2,406

Engagement rate: 32.63%

Avg. engagement: 785

3. Aaron Kahler – @kahlerswift

Aaron Kahler, a gaming Instagram influencer from Jacksonville, has an impressive following of 1,215 and averages 3306500 views per TikTok post and 495 average engagements per post. His 40.74% engagement rate speaks of his popularity and influence across social media.

Follow him with username @kahlerswift to join in the gaming fun!

Followers: 1,215

Engagement rate: 40.74%

Avg. engagement: 495

Last But Not Least:

The Jacksonville gaming scene is unprecedented! With so many talented and influential individuals, it’s difficult to choose which Instagram influencers stand out amongst them. We’ve seen the tremendous impact that these three influencers are making on the gaming industry.

From advocating for diverse content to championing upcoming talents, these influencers make an unstoppable team. They are paving the way for a new type of gaming influencer – one that is creative, innovative and empowering.

With these three at the forefront of Jacksonville’s gaming scene, 2023 looks to be an incredible year for gaming influencers in Jacksonville!