TOP 3 Lafayette Shopping & Retail Influencers to Follow in 2023

It’s 2023, and shopping centers and retail stores have proliferated across Lafayette. With so many options for fashion, products, and services, consumers have to stay active and on top of whoโ€™s in and whoโ€™s out in the ever-changing world of retail.

Fortunately, there are a few influencers โ€“ notably in the shopping and retail scene โ€“ that have been able to stand out in Lafayetteโ€™s vast and diverse environment. Today, weโ€™re taking a look at the three noteworthy Lafayette shopping & retail powerhouses showing the world a thing or two about fashionable retail sales.

Top 3 shopping & retail influencers from Lafayette:

1. Chelsea Levasseur – @chel_levasseur

Chelsea Levasseur (@chel_levasseur) is a shopping & retail influencer from Lafayette with a large following of 10,310 followers. Impressive engagement rates of 4.69%, and an average of 484 engagements per post, makes them a highly sought after influencer for their largely fashion and clothing related content. Partnering with brands and other influencers, Chelsea is an invaluable asset to any marketing strategy.

Followers: 10,310

Engagement rate: 4.69%

Avg. engagement: 484

2. Monie Turk Guidry – @monieguidry

Monie Turk Guidry (@monieguidry) is a shopping & retail influencer from Lafayette, LA. With an average of 1,498 likes and 40 comments per post, they have a very high engagement rate of 2.67%, making them one of the most influential faces in shopping & retail.

They’re known for their creative and informative posts, consistently engaging with their followers to great success.

Followers: 1,498

Engagement rate: 2.67%

Avg. engagement: 40

3. Marva Pochรฉ – @marvapoche

Marva Pochรฉ is an influential Lafayette-based influencer in the shopping and retail fields with a username of marvapoche. With an average engagement per post of 1510, she enjoys a loyal following and total engagement rate of 2.25%. She brings her passion for shopping and retail to her followers and makes exciting posts sure to bring engagement.

Followers: 1,510

Engagement rate: 2.25%

Avg. engagement: 34

In a Nutshell:

To conclude, this yearโ€™s shopping and retail influencers are poised to be influential forces in the Lafayette-area commercial sphere in 2023. With strong backgrounds in brand awareness and customer service, these three influencers are sure to make a lasting mark in the areas of marketing and retail.

With a knack for providing up-and-coming retailers with the tools they need to succeed, and the clout to draw attention to different businesses, Lafayette’s shopping and retail influencers are certainly making strides for a prosperous and thriving tomorrow. Get ready for whatโ€™s to come!