Top 3 Music Influencers to Follow on Instagram in Gothenburg in 2023 – IMAI

As the pulsing beats reverberate through the streets of Gothenburg, it’s clear that the city’s music scene is alive and thriving. And in the age of social media, there are a select few who have risen to the top as the most influential music Instagrammers in town.

These digital tastemakers have their fingers on the pulse of the city’s music scene, delivering daily doses of inspiration, discovery, and behind-the-scenes access to the hottest local acts. So who are these influencers, and why should you be following them?

Let’s start with the one who has been making waves in the music industry for several years now โ€“ she is the queen of concert photography, whose breathtaking shots capture the energy and emotion of the stage like no one else.

With a keen eye for composition and an ability to capture the perfect moment, she has built a massive following of die-hard music fans who eagerly await her next post. And her passion for the local music scene in Gothenburg is infectious โ€“ be prepared to discover your new favorite band through her lens.

Next up is the rising star of the scene โ€“ she may be relatively new to the game, but she’s already making a big impact. Her unique style and fierce determination have earned her a loyal following of music lovers who value authenticity and creativity above all else.

Whether she’s capturing the raw energy of a live performance or sharing her thoughts on the latest releases, she always keeps it real โ€“ and that’s what sets her apart from the rest.

Last but certainly not least is the insider’s insider โ€“ the one who always seems to be in the right place at the right time.

From exclusive backstage access to intimate artist interviews, he has the inside scoop on all things music in Gothenburg. And his passion for the industry shines through in every post, making him a must-follow for anyone who wants to stay ahead of the curve.

So there you have it โ€“ the three best music Instagram influencers in Gothenburg for 2023. From breathtaking concert photography to raw authenticity, these tastemakers have it all โ€“ so what are you waiting for? Follow them now and discover the best music that Gothenburg has to offer.

Top 3 music Instagram influencers from Gothenburg:

1. Mikael Stanne – @miklstne

Mikael Stanne is an Instagram influencer from Gothenburg, known for his impeccable taste in music. With a username of miklstne, he garners a whopping 33,799 followers on the platform, a testament to his growing influence within the music scene.

He also has an average of 15,692 views per TikTok post, indicating the extent of his reach on other social media platforms. On top of that, his posts have an average engagement rate of 6.61%, which attests to the level of interest his followers have in his content.

And with an average of 2,233 engagements per post, it’s clear that his followers are actively engaged with his posts. Overall, Mikael Stanne is an up-and-coming music influencer that’s well worth keeping an eye on.

Followers: 33,799

Engagement rate: 6.61%

Avg. engagement: 2,233

2. Jesper Stroฬˆmblad – @jesper_stromblad_official

Jesper Stroฬˆmblad is an accomplished music influencer hailing from Gothenburg whose Instagram username is jesper_stromblad_official. As evidenced by their 19,171 followers, Jesper has garnered a significant fan base that has taken notice of their prowess on social media.

Jesper’s TikTok account boasts an impressive average of 15,692 views per post. Additionally, their posts have managed to garner an average of 1,663 engagements per post, with an overall engagement rate of 8.67%. All these numbers point to a rising influencer with a lot of clout in the music industry.

Followers: 19,171

Engagement rate: 8.67%

Avg. engagement: 1,663

3. Lucas Englund – @lucasenglund

Lucas Englund is a music Instagram influencer who hails from Gothenburg. As an expert in all things music, he has amassed a following of over 12,900 people who regularly consume his content.

Lucas has a TikTok account where he shares his musical talent with an impressive average of 15,692 views per post. With each post, he earns an average engagement of 939, equating to a 7.27% engagement rate.

His account, lucasenglund, is a must-follow for anyone who loves music or desires to learn more about the music industry.

Followers: 12,921

Engagement rate: 7.27%

Avg. engagement: 939

Closing Remarks:

In conclusion, the music scene in Gothenburg is thriving and we have found three of the best Instagram influencers in the game. These influencers are connecting music lovers from all over the world and bringing the city’s music to life on social media.

From their impressive collection of music recommendations to their captivating Instagram stories, these influencers are shaping the way we experience music in 2023. Whether you’re looking for indie, rock, or pop, you’re guaranteed to find something you love on their profiles.

Not only are these influencers promoting emerging artists and venues, but they’re also helping to shape the city’s musical landscape. Their eclectic tastes and unique perspectives are a breath of fresh air in a world dominated by commercialized pop.

So if you’re a music lover in Gothenburg or simply looking for some fresh inspiration, make sure to follow these three top-notch influencers. With their expert curations and unwavering passion for music, they’re sure to put some rhythm in your step and a smile on your face.

In short, these influencers have transformed the way we experience music in Gothenburg, and their influence stretches far beyond the boundaries of social media. So let’s join them on their journey and become a part of their incredible music community.