Top 3 Music Instagram Influencers in Kotka of 2023

Welcome, music fans, to the top of the topo! We are here to give you an exclusive first look at our three highest music Instagram influencers from Kotka, 2023. These fresh, talented artists have taken the music industry by storm and are revolutionizing the sound and energy of the city.

Get ready to hear the inside scoop from the cream of the crop and find out what makes them stand out from the musical crowd!

Top 3 music Instagram influencers from Kotka:

1. Niilo Sevรคnen – @niilo_sevanen

Niilo Sevรคnen is an up-and-coming music Instagram influencer from Kotka, Finland. With 11,191 followers and a 6.42% engagement rate, Niilo is quickly building an audience for his music and TikToks, which average 280,506 views per post.

His Instagram posts typically receive 719 engagements, showcasing Niilo’s talent and dedication to making great music. (@niilo_sevanen)

Followers: 11,191

Engagement rate: 6.42%

Avg. engagement: 719

2. Delta Enigma – @deltaenigma

Delta Enigma is an Instagram influencer from Kotka in Finland. They have a large and growing presence on TikTok, with over 280,506 average views per post and 70 average engagements! Their Instagram page is where you can find the latest music from this growing artist, along with 1,082 followers and a 6.47% engagement rate in their posts. Delta Enigma is a great follow for those looking to expand their music knowledge and interests!

Followers: 1,082

Engagement rate: 6.47%

Avg. engagement: 70

3. Kymi Sinfonietta – @kymisinfonietta

Kymi Sinfonietta is a TikTok music influencer based in Kotka, Finland. They have 1,352 followers and a huge 280506 average views per post.

They get a solid 56 average engagements per post and an impressive 4.14% engagement rate, making them one of the most powerful music influencers in Finland. Their username is @kymisinfonietta and their content is focused around classical music performance, both in their own posts and in collaborations with other musical acts.

Followers: 1,352

Engagement rate: 4.14%

Avg. engagement: 56

Finishing Up:

As this list so aptly displays, Kotkaโ€™s music Instagram influencers truly have earned their place at the top. These creative minds not only showcase the beautiful music that our city had to offer but also continue to innovate and grow with their followers. Itโ€™s exciting to ponder what the future holds in store for this dynamic music scene โ€“ one that shows us just how powerful music can be.