Top 3 Must-Follow Shopping and Retail Influencers on Instagram from Des Moines in 2023 – IMAI

If there’s one thing that remains constant in the world of retail and shopping, it’s the impact of social media influencers. With their massive following and impeccable taste, these individuals can make or break a product or brand.

Des Moines, Iowa, is no stranger to this phenomenon, and in 2023, the city has seen the rise of some truly remarkable shopping and retail Instagram influencers.

From fashion and beauty to lifestyle and home decor, Des Moines has it all covered.

In this blog post, we’ll introduce you to three influential figures who have captured the hearts of shoppers and retailers alike. Get ready to be inspired, awed, and impressed by their style, aesthetics, and expertise.

So, without further ado, let’s dive deep into the world of Des Moines’ most memorable shopping and retail influencers.

Top 3 shopping & retail Instagram influencers from Des Moines:

1. Maggi Foreman – @maggi.foreman

Meet Maggi Foreman, a Des Moines-based shopping and retail Instagram influencer, who has amassed an impressive following of 2,694 loyal fans on the platform. Known for her stylish and trendy content, Maggi’s TikTok videos also gained attention, garnering an average of 40,955 views.

She’s also no stranger to engagement, boasting an impressive average of 1,096 engagements per post and a jaw-dropping 40.68% engagement rate. All of her posts are a true reflection of her impeccable taste and unerring eye for style, making her an influencer to watch out for in the world of retail and online shopping.

Followers: 2,694

Engagement rate: 40.68%

Avg. engagement: 1,096

2. Amber | Reseller & Content Creator – @arbitrage_with_amber

Arbitrage_with_amber is an Instagram influencer from Des Moines known for her expertise in shopping and retail. With a following of 10,813, she has become a content creator in her own right, showcasing her knowledge of great deals and unique shopping finds.

Her unique approach to retail has gained her a significant following, with an average of 40955 views per TikTok and a high engagement rate of 3.25%. She is truly a trailblazer in the world of shopping as her content is both informative and entertaining. If you’re interested in the world of retail, Arbitrage_with_amber is the influencer to follow.

Followers: 10,813

Engagement rate: 3.25%

Avg. engagement: 351

3. New Parent Coach/Doula – @mindbodybabies

Mindbodybabies is a shopping and retail Instagram influencer hailing from Des Moines. With a total of 3,068 followers, the account has been creating waves on social media.

Furthermore, their TikTok presence is nothing to be scoffed at, boasting an average view count of 40,955. Not only that, but the influencer also garners an average of 308 engagements per post, with a 10.04% engagement rate.

It’s clear that Mindbodybabies’ expertise in retail and shopping resonates with their followers, making their content a must-see for parents looking for advice on baby-related products. Their posts are both informative and engaging, showcasing products that are not only useful but also affordable.

Plus, their constant interaction with their followers is a testament to their dedication towards providing the best advice possible. It’s no surprise that their followers keep coming back for more – they’re simply one of the best in the game!

Followers: 3,068

Engagement rate: 10.04%

Avg. engagement: 308

Last But Not Least:

As we come to the conclusion of this blog post, I hope that you were able to glimpse into the thrilling world of shopping and retail influencers in the Des Moines area. These three influencers have captivated audiences and have become the talk of the town with their creative content, knowledgeable recommendations, and infectious energy.

From fashionable outfits to unique home decor and trendy accessories, these influencers have a taste for style that is unmatched. They have managed to inspire people to embrace their individuality and to express themselves through fashion, making them a powerful force within the fashion industry.

Their Instagram pages showcase their incredible talent for capturing the essence of their brand and translating it into the digital space. Their aesthetic is so unique and varied, that it has attracted people from all walks of life.

From the young to the young at heart, these influencers have something to offer everyone.

As we continue to follow their journey and watch as they navigate the world of shopping and retail, we can be assured that their influence will only continue to grow.

They have created a following that is both loyal and dedicated, and their ability to connect with their audience is truly awe-inspiring.

In conclusion, I encourage you to stay on top of the latest trends and follow these three memorable shopping and retail Instagram influencers in the Des Moines area.

Who knows, you may just find your next wardrobe staple or that perfect piece of home decor that you’ve been searching for. So, let the journey begin because these influencers are just getting started!