Top 3 television & film Instagram influencers in Atlanta in 2023

Welcome to our blog post all about the up-and-coming television and film Instagram influencers in the Atlanta, Georgia area in 2023! It’s an exciting time for the creative industry in the city and we want to recognize the talent, passion and vision behind the hard work of these amazing individuals. We’ve taken a long look at the top influencers in the industry, and these are the three that have earned our top spot! Get ready to tap their handle, get inspired and take a peek into the incredible world of Atlanta’s film and television influencers!

Top 3 television & film Instagram influencers from Atlanta:

1. Rebecca | Cosplayer – @littlelionheart.cosplay

The amazingly talented Rebecca from LittleLionHeart.Cosplay is an Instagram influencer from Atlanta and the queen of cosplay, film, and television.

On her account, she shares her incredible experiences, amazing cosplays, and photos from sets and exclusive red carpets. Rebecca has mastered the art of embodying and transforming into some of the most popular characters from movies and television.

Her style is feminine yet bold and sheโ€™s not afraid to add her own unique flair to her cosplays. Fans absolutely adore her sense of fashion, fun energy, and dedication to her craft.

If you want someone to follow to get your daily dose of cosplay inspiration, Rebecca from LittleLionheart.Cosplay is the one youโ€™re looking for!

Followers: 6,665

Engagement rate: 378.56%

Avg. engagement: 25,231

2. Keenen Orlando Baker – @aquariustaughtme

Keenen Orlando Baker is an innovative, multi-hyphenate powerhouse, reigning as one of the most sought-after television and film Instagram influencers. Hailing from Atlanta, Georgia, his digital content is highly engaging and captivating, delivering his abstract perspective on television, film, and current events with a unique artistry.

Keenen has a natural ability to leverage his creative gifts to build a growing global audience on Instagram, with the username Aquariustaughtme. With each post, Keenen skillfully navigates the ever-changing digital landscape, captivating viewers worldwide with his unique brand of art.

Keenen is an inspiring multimedia talent and influencer who is redefining what it means to be a modern creator.

Followers: 5,332

Engagement rate: 110.35%

Avg. engagement: 5,884

3. Elle Enchanted Wigs – @elleenchantedwigs

Elle Enchanted Wigs is an incredible television and film Instagram influencer from Atlanta who’s captivating posts have sent shockwaves throughout the industry. Her account features enigmatic wigs and creative images that range from whimsical fantasies to bold trends.

She is a master at working with a spectrum of different colors and textures, creating unique and eye-catching looks. Elle has quickly become the go-to wig stylist for red-carpet events, blockbuster films, and magazine shoots.

Her followers get swept away in her inspiring posts, and her effortless ability to stay ahead of the trends has made her an undeniable success in the industry.

Followers: 25,566

Engagement rate: 20.86%

Avg. engagement: 5,334

The Long and Short of It:

It is clear that when it comes to television and film Instagram influencers in Atlanta in 2023, there is no shortage of talent and creativity. Each of these three influencers have managed to capture the attention of their audiences with their unique voice and respective content.

Whether you are a fan of television or film, make sure to give these Instagram influencers a follow and see what creative works they come up with next!