Top 3 television & film Instagram influencers in Egypt in 2023

Itโ€™s 2023 and the world of entertainment is ever-evolving. While the traditional platforms of television and film remain popular, one platform that seems to be on an upward trajectory is Instagram.

In Egypt specifically, there are a plethora of influencers on the photo-sharing platform who are making waves and inspiring others on both a local and global scale. In this blog post, we will be looking at the top 3 television and film Instagram influencers in Egypt in 2023.

So, let’s dive in and take a closer look at what makes these stars stand out!

Top 3 television & film Instagram influencers from Egypt:

1. Nagham – @naghamreads

Nagham of Egypt, an influencer of television and film
A beautiful queen of content, a true giver of her time
She reads the scripts so many dream of doing themselves
And tests the waters with an open mind

The tools of her trade, a camera and a pen
She has a giftโ€” the wisdom to bring stories to life again
Her Instagram’s insight, a spark of creativity and fun
Her energy brings us delight, from Naghamreads we have won

So take a bow, our Egyptian queen
Your passion is seen and heard and you’re here to be seen
For Nagham of Egypt, who has graced our screens
We thank you for the formidable content machine

Followers: 1,527

Engagement rate: 0.27%

Avg. engagement: 406

2. hebbi – @hebbinie

Hebbi is an Egyptian Instagram influencer whose passion for television and film is infectious and captivating. With a strong focus on Egypt, his feed highlights new and upcoming shows, as well as behind the scenes moments that can only be seen on his page.

Hebbi also has a knack for uncovering interesting stories and tidbits about characters, and is always updating his followers on the latest news. From premieres to casting announcements to upcoming projects, hebbi always keeps his fans in the know.

With an ever-growing fan base, his account proves to be an invaluable source for those interested in Egypt’s television and film industry.

Followers: 1,037

Engagement rate: 0.21%

Avg. engagement: 213

3. Wassem Zaghloul – @wassem_zaghloul

Wassem Zaghloul is an innovative television and film influencer from Egypt who has quickly risen to fame on Instagram. His popular username, wassem_zaghloul, displays his passion for creating captivating and thought-provoking video content, often surrounding topics related to the entertainment industry.

With his witty and creative style, Wassem is able to draw in a wide audience from around the world and constantly keeps his viewers engaged with ever-evolving content. From behind-the-scenes footage to exclusive interviews with industry pros, Wassem Zaghloul is one of the most influential Instagram personalities for learning about the latest in Egyptian film and TV.

Followers: 1,180

Engagement rate: 0.03%

Avg. engagement: 40

Final Thoughts:

As the internet continues to expand and gains more and more traction daily, the talent pool within the social media landscape is constantly growing. With platforms like Instagram leading the charge, itโ€™s no wonder that Egyptโ€™s television and film influencers have managed to stay relevant and keep up with the times.

From the latest trends to up and coming content, these influencers know how to remain on the forefront of social media culture and remind us that anything is possible. It seems that the sky is the limit and no horizon is too distant in our journey to stay connected, engaged, and informed of the ever-changing world that is digital media.