Top 3 Travel, Tourism, and Aviation Instagram Influencers to Follow in Daejeon in 2023 – IMAI

In today’s world, social media has become a driving force in the travel, tourism, and aviation industry. Instagram, in particular, has emerged as a potent platform for influencers to showcase their brand and impact travel decisions.

Daejeon, a city in South Korea with a rich cultural history, has no shortage of Instagram influencers who deliver top-notch content. In this blog post, we will delve into the lives of the top three travel, tourism & aviation Instagram influencers of Daejeon in 2023, who capture the essence of this beautiful city with their stunning photography and refreshing perspectives.

So, get ready to immerse yourself in a world of wanderlust and be amazed by the stunning visuals these influencers have to offer!

Top 3 travel, tourism & aviation Instagram influencers from Daejeon:

1. ้Ÿ“ – @eun_jin_story

้Ÿ“, also known as eun_jin_story, is an Instagram influencer from Daejeon who is known for her content revolving around travel, tourism, and aviation. With 5,169 followers on Instagram and an average of 1741 views per TikTok, it’s clear that ้Ÿ“ has amassed a significant following of those interested in her niche.

Her posts also receive an impressive 674 average engagements per post, which amounts to a 13.04% engagement rate. It’s clear that her followers thoroughly enjoy her content, and she has become a trusted source for all things travel-related.

If you’re looking for inspiration for your next adventure, look no further than eun_jin_story!

Followers: 5,169

Engagement rate: 13.04%

Avg. engagement: 674

2. ๅฟƒๅฟƒFree Daejeon, KOREA – @cotton_suh

Meet ๅฟƒๅฟƒFree from Daejeon, KOREA, an Instagram influencer in the travel, tourism & aviation niche. With the username cotton_suh, this influencer has already amassed 3,937 followers on Instagram.

But their reach doesn’t end there – they also have an impressive following on TikTok with an average of 1741 views per post. Additionally, their engagement rate is commendable with an average of 498 engagements per post and a whopping 12.65% engagement rate.

It’s easy to see why ๅฟƒๅฟƒFree is a go-to travel, tourism & aviation influencer for many people looking for inspiration and entertainment.

Followers: 3,937

Engagement rate: 12.65%

Avg. engagement: 498

3. ์–‘์›๊ทœ – @wongyu_yang

Wongyu Yang is an Instagram influencer based in Daejeon who shares his eclectic travel and aviation experiences with his 1,327 followers. He has a high engagement rate of 15.22% in his posts, which attracts an average of 202 engagements per post, amplifying his social presence on the platform. With his creative flair and love for exploring new destinations, Wongyu Yang is a rising star in the travel, tourism, and aviation industry.

He also gets an average of 1741 views per TikTok, showcasing his video-making and editing abilities. Wongyu Yang’s unique approach to crafting travel content keeps his followers intrigued, engrossed, and inspired to embark on their adventures, making his account worth following if you’re looking for travel inspiration.

Followers: 1,327

Engagement rate: 15.22%

Avg. engagement: 202

In a Nutshell:

In conclusion, the world of travel, tourism, and aviation has been transformed by the rise of social media influencers. Our list of the top three Instagram influencers from Daejeon in 2023 offers a glimpse into the future of travel and tourism marketing.

Their stunning photographs and engaging content are sure to inspire wanderlust in even the most jaded of travelers.

As we look to the future, we can only imagine what new technologies and platforms will emerge, but one thing is certain โ€“ social media influencers will continue to play a key role in shaping the travel industry.

So, as you plan your next adventure, be sure to follow our favorite Instagram influencers for a glimpse into the hidden gems of Daejeon and beyond. With their guidance and inspiration, the possibilities for adventure are endless.

So pack your bags, grab your camera, and let the journey begin!