Top 6 Jodhpur Beer, Wine & Spirits Influencers of 2023: A TikTok List

Welcome to our latest blog post, which shines a light on the top 6 Jodhpur beer, wine and spirits influencers of 2023! This list was created using TikTok user data, interviews and reviews so you know itโ€™s of the highest quality. Weโ€™re here to give you the inside scoop on who to keep your eye on in the world of craft beers, wines and spirits.

So, hereโ€™s to the influencers of 2023 โ€“ the stars of Jodhpurโ€™s craft beer, wine and spirits scene. Read on for the top 6 influencers and discover what makes them worth watching!

Top 6 beer, wine & spirits TikTok influencers from Jodhpur:

1. Simran mand – @simran_mand5

Simran Mand is a beer, wine & spirits influencer from Jodhpur, India. With the handle simran_mand5, Simran has a network of 9,173 followers on TikTok and averages 4,591 views per post.

What’s more, Simran posts inspire an average of 552 engagements that result in a 6.02% engagement rate. Simran’s content educates viewers on the beer, wine & spirits industry in a fun, entertaining, and informative way.

Followers: 9,173

Engagement rate: 6.02%

Avg. engagement: 552

Avg. views: 4,591

2. Purnima Ale Magar – @purnimaalemagar6

Purnima Ale Magar is a beer, wine & spirits influencer based in Jodhpur, India. She has the username purnimaalemagar6 and has had 39,600 and 115385 average views per TikTok, 10,549 average engagements per post, and a 26.64% engagement rate in her posts.

With her creative and informative content, Purnima has become a leader in beverage education, making her an important influencer in the alcohol industry.

Followers: 39,600

Engagement rate: 26.64%

Avg. engagement: 10,549

Avg. views: 115,385

3. Kang ?? – @singh_jaskaran_1

Kang ?? is a beer, wine & spirits TikTok influencer from Jodhpur who has the username singh_jaskaran_1. Kang has a following of 10,900 and usually generates average views of 3393 on their TikTok posts with an average engagement rate of 2.23% (243 engagements per post).

Followers: 10,900

Engagement rate: 2.23%

Avg. engagement: 243

Avg. views: 3,393

4. Sardar Gurjant Singh – @sardargurjantsinghbitty

Sardar Gurjant Singh is a beer, wine, and spirits influencer from Jodhpur, India, with the username sardargurjantsinghbitty. Singh typically has an average of 3,415 views per TikTok as well as an average of 187 engagements per post.

His engagement rate is 5.48%, demonstrating his impressive impact on the beer, wine, and spirits industry.

Followers: 3,415

Engagement rate: 5.48%

Avg. engagement: 187

Avg. views: 7,262

5. Pujan Singh – @pujansinghshrestha

Pujan Singh is a beer, wine & spirits TikTok Influencer from Jodhpur. With a username of pujansinghshrestha, Pujan has an average of 2,612 views per post and 527 average engagements, resulting in a 4.82% engagement rate for their content.

Pujan provides creative, educational, and entertaining content about beer, wine, and spirits, making them an ideal influencer for beverage related brands.

Followers: 2,612

Engagement rate: 4.82%

Avg. engagement: 126

Avg. views: 527

6. Rani – @minnus666

Rani (minnus666) is an influencer from Jodhpur, specializing in beer, wine and spirits. With an impressive 4,465 average views per video and a 228 average engagement rate of 5.11% per post, Rani is one of TikTokโ€™s top influencers in the alcohol category.

Followers: 4,465

Engagement rate: 5.11%

Avg. engagement: 228

Avg. views: 1,260

In Short:

If you’re looking for a go-to list of the latest and greatest Jodhpur beer, wine, and spirits influencers, you can’t go wrong with this TikTok list. From experienced local brewers to up-and-coming winemakers, this list is sure to introduce you to all of the Jodhpur drink influencers of 2023.

Get out there and start making connections โ€“ it’s an exciting and ever-growing industry! Cheers!