Top 9 TikTok Influencers for Kids, Babies & Toys of 2023 from Kalix

As we enter the new year, the world of TikTok influencers has seen an explosion of growth, especially within the kids, babies, and toys niche. From playing with slime to educational games and toys, everyone seems to be flocking to the world’s hottest social media app.

And to help you better understand the landscape of TikTok influencers, we at Kalix are thrilled to bring you the top nine TikTok influencers for kids, babies, and toys of 2023!

Top 9 toys, children & baby TikTok influencers from Kalix:

1. Magister Nordström – @magisternordstrom

Magister Nordström is an influencer on TikTok for toys, children and baby products. They have over 307,500 followers, and their average video gets an impressive 174,694 views.

They have an average engagement rate of 3.23%, which is extremely high for their amount of followers, and they receive an average of 9,939 engagements per post.

Followers: 307,500

Engagement rate: 3.23%

Avg. engagement: 9,939

Avg. views: 174,694

2. Christian-Nicola Savic – @dizzy..c

Christian-Nicola Savic, otherwise known as dizzy.c, is a renowned TikTok influencer from Kalix, Sweden.

With a following of 29,300, Christian-Nicola creates unique TikTok content focusing on baby and children’s toys. His posts have an exciting average of 80,200 views and 5,985 engagements per post, resulting in an impressive engagement rate of 20.43%.

Followers: 29,300

Engagement rate: 20.43%

Avg. engagement: 5,985

Avg. views: 80,200

3. Yaxye UK – @yaxye_uk

Yaxye UK is a popular children and baby influencer on TikTok from Kalix. With over 3,039 average views and 2476 average engagements per post, Yaxye UK has a total reach of over 4 million followers and has an engagement rate of 3.88%. Kyaxye UK posts a variety of creative, fun, and educational videos featuring the latest toys, trends and activities for kids and babies.

From exciting science experiments to imaginative play ideas, Yaxye UK provides engaging content for children that is both entertaining and educational.

Followers: 3,039

Engagement rate: 3.88%

Avg. engagement: 118

Avg. views: 2,476

4. ?????? ???? – @noeliess

Nollan Baby is a popular TikTok influencer from Kalix, Sweden. With a username of noeliess, Nollan has 4,870 followers, and their content relating to toys, children and babies has gained an impressive 395.13% engagement rate, with 151166 average views per post, and 19,243 average engagements. Through their humourous and entertaining approach to creating relatable and kid-friendly content, Nollan Baby is cementing themselves as a top influencer in the baby and children’s space.

Followers: 4,870

Engagement rate: 395.13%

Avg. engagement: 19,243

Avg. views: 151,166

5. NASSE PARODIER – @nasse.rasse.parodier

Nasse Parodier is a popular TikTok influencer from Kalix, focusing on toys, children, and infants. With a username of nasse.rasse.parodier, this influencer has an average of 6,518 views and 18,245 engagements per post as well as a 253.08% engagement rate, making them one of the top influencers in the field.

Their content brings smiles and laughter all around, making them a great influencer to follow, and they often have giveaways and exclusive offers.

Followers: 6,518

Engagement rate: 253.08%

Avg. engagement: 16,496

Avg. views: 182,546

6. LiiLooMaa – @liiloomaa

LiiLooMaa is a popular TikTok influencer from Kalix, Sweden. She is known for her fun and creative content around toys, children, and babies.

She has an impressive 1,622 and 1635 average views per TikTok and a whopping 75 average engagements per post. Her followers engage at an above average rate of 4.62%, making her one of the most popular influencers in the toy and children space.

Followers: 1,622

Engagement rate: 4.62%

Avg. engagement: 75

Avg. views: 1,635

7. Johanna Tokoni – @johannatokoni91

Johanna Tokoni (johannatokoni91) is a TikTok influencer based in Kalix, Sweden. She has an impressive 2,120 and 1,437 average views per TikTok, and a notable 133 average engagements per post with a 6.27% engagement rate in their posts.

As a children and baby toy influencer, she has become a go-to source of information and fun for parents to stay up to date on the latest toys, trends, and activities suitable for kids and babies.

Followers: 2,120

Engagement rate: 6.27%

Avg. engagement: 133

Avg. views: 1,437

8. Robin Nevanranta – @lordbobbo

Robin Nevanranta is an extremely popular children and baby TikTok influencer from Kalix, Sweden. With the username lordbobbo, they boast 2,302 average views and 9,798 loves per TikTok.

Their unique content includes colorful, creative, and educational content on toys, which leads to an average of 329 engagements and a 14.29% engagement rate. If you’re looking for a great way to make your children or your baby smile, Robin’s content is just for you!

Followers: 2,302

Engagement rate: 14.29%

Avg. engagement: 329

Avg. views: 9,798

9. BABY??DIOR – @baby.dior2

Baby??Dior is a children and baby TikTok influencer from Kalix with the username baby.dior2. They have an impressive 11,700 followers and usually have an average of 41940 views per post. With an engagement rate of 39.03%, they have an average of 4,567 engagements per post.

They bring creativity and fun to the children and baby niche by creating unique educational and entertaining content for their followers.

Followers: 11,700

Engagement rate: 39.03%

Avg. engagement: 4,567

Avg. views: 41,940

Last But Not Least:

As influencer marketing continues to grow, TikTok is quickly becoming one of the most powerful outlets for brands to reach a younger generation. Finding the TikTok Influencers that will be the most effective for your brand and its audience can be challenging, but this list of top TikTok Influencers for Kids, Babies and Toys of 2023 from Kalix is a great place to start.

With their unique talents, unique personalities, and unique content, these Influencers are paving the way for other brands and creators to follow. So what are you waiting for? Get started today and take your kids, babies, and toy-related brands to the next level!