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In a world where social media reigns supreme, it’s no surprise that countless influencers have made a name for themselves across a range of platforms. And in Puerto Vallarta, a city home to stunning beaches and breathtaking scenery, it’s no different.

From sleek sports cars to powerful motorbikes, there are plenty of Instagram influencers showcasing their favorite rides to the world.

So, we’ve decided to showcase the top three cars and motorbikes Instagram influencers in Puerto Vallarta – and it’s safe to say that you won’t be disappointed! With varying styles and tastes, each influencer brings their own unique flair to the table.

Bask in the excitement of the fast-paced world of car culture, as we take a closer look at who’s who on the Puerto Vallarta car and motorbike Instagram scene!

From luxury sports cars to classic cruisers, we’ve scoured far and wide to bring you the best of the best. Whether you’re a petrolhead looking to indulge in your passion, or simply an admirer of stunning visuals and quality content, these influencers are sure to leave you awe-struck.

With their impressive vehicles and skillful maneuvers, they bring a new level of vibrancy and glamour to the already stunning Puerto Vallarta.

So, buckle up and get ready for the ride of your life, as we introduce you to three of the most thrilling car and motorbike Instagram influencers in Puerto Vallarta today!

Top 3 cars & motorbikes Instagram influencers from Puerto Vallarta:

1. D i e g o T o r r e s – @diegotorres_mtb

D i e g o T o r r e s is an Instagram influencer based in Puerto Vallarta. With the username diegotorres_mtb, this influencer has accumulated 6,079 followers on Instagram.

On TikTok, D i e g o T o r r e s averages 17,188 views per video. On Instagram, D i e g o T o r r e s posts receive an average of 672 engagements per post, boasting an engagement rate of 11.05%. This Instagram influencer’s content, featuring cars and motorbikes, is sure to attract individuals interested in these topics.

D i e g o T o r r e s’ impressive engagement rate suggests that their audience is highly engaged and attentive to their content. If you’re interested in the world of cars and motorbikes, be sure to give D i e g o T o r r e s a follow on Instagram.

Followers: 6,079

Engagement rate: 11.05%

Avg. engagement: 672

2. Sebastian Landa – @sl119_

Sebastian Landa, the Puerto Vallarta-based Instagram influencer, has been steadily establishing his presence in the world of cars and motorbikes on social media with his handle sl119_. With 1,417 followers, Landa has gained quite a following on the platform. But that’s not all – Landa also boasts an impressive average of 17,188 views per TikTok post, and 239 average engagements per Instagram post.

His engagement rate is also impressive at 16.87%, showing that his followers are highly engaged with the content that he puts out. Landa has been putting his passion for cars and motorbikes on full display for his audience, and his community of followers is only continuing to grow.

There’s no doubt that he’s an Instagram influencer to watch in the world of cars and motorbikes.

Followers: 1,417

Engagement rate: 16.87%

Avg. engagement: 239

3. Fernando Godinez – @fersito19

Fernando Godinez, known as fersito19 on Instagram, is a prominent influencer from the beautiful Puerto Vallarta. With an astonishing 1,749 followers, he has successfully established himself as a significant player in the world of cars and motorbikes.

On TikTok, he enjoys an impressive 17,188 average views per video, and his posts receive an average of 137 engagements. Talk about engagement – his posts boast an impressive 7.83% engagement rate, and deservedly so.

It’s evident from his content that Fernando has a keen eye for detail, and his passion for cars and bikes is contagious.

He often shares his thoughts and insights about the latest models, and his followers love the insider information. His feed is a seamless blend of breathtaking landscapes and epic photography of cars and motorbikes that he encounters on his adventures.

It’s a definite visual feast that leaves his followers craving for more.

It’s easy to feel envious of Fernando, both for the breathtaking backdrop of Puerto Vallarta and his thrilling passion for cars and motorbikes.

But he always makes sure to keep it real with his followers, providing them with genuine content that showcases his true personality. No wonder he has gathered such a strong following.

In conclusion, Fernando Godinez’s journey on Instagram has been nothing short of exhilarating so far. His love for cars and bikes is infectious, and his followers can’t get enough of his stunning content.

With such engagement rates, Fernando’s influence has continued to spread like wildfire, and there’s no stopping him now. We look forward to seeing more of his exciting adventures and breathtaking photography in the near future.

Followers: 1,749

Engagement rate: 7.83%

Avg. engagement: 137

All in All:

As you can see, Puerto Vallarta is home to some of the most amazing car and motorbike influencers on Instagram. From the stunning visuals of the Lamborghini Huracan to the raw power of a Kawasaki Ninja, these influencers have captured the hearts of thousands of fans across the world.

Whether you’re a lover of classic cars, sports cars, or motorcycles, these influencers have something for you. With their unique perspectives, superb photography, and captivating commentary, they deliver an unforgettable experience that takes you beyond the confines of your everyday life.

So, fuel up your passion for speed, power, and beauty with the amazing influencers we’ve featured in this blog. Follow them and get ready to embark on a thrilling ride that will leave you breathless.

Now go ahead and explore the magic of Puerto Vallarta with some of the coolest cars and motorbikes on Instagram. Trust us, it’s an adventure you don’t want to miss.

Buckle up, and get ready for a journey of a lifetime. Follow these influencers, and you’ll never look back!