Try These Hashtags For Marketing In 2023  

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It is difficult to highlight a piece of content on social media where people are sending over 500 million tweets daily and uploading over 100 million videos and photos on Instagram daily. It is for this reason that social media enthusiasts use hashtags to amplify the visibility and reach of their content.


Do you know how many types of hashtags are available for use and what their uses are?


Location-based hashtags

 A lesser-known hashtag, it is quite beneficial for local businesses that target people residing in a specific geographic area like a city or state. For example, hashtags for New York pizza delivery will be used for the people searching for pizza delivery services in New York City.

Branded hashtags

 Out of all hashtag tactics, it is branded hashtags that have the most powerful impact on consumers. Here you can create your own hashtags and use them through all media channels. These hashtags could include your brand name, campaign, product/service offered, or tagline. Your followers will find it easier to locate your content and stay updated about the latest content with the help of hashtags.

Hashtags for explored topics

 Instagram has a dedicated tab for explored topics where users can see topics of their interests like food, travel, style, beauty, décor, and DIY. If you want your content to feature in these topics, you can create hashtags for featured topics.

The hashtag for the user-generated content

 Brands that encourage users to generate content create dedicated hashtags for the content. The users create content using those hashtags to show their affiliation with the brands they patronize. And the brands use that content in different manners like comments, ratings, and testimonials.

Hashtags for challenges

 Challenges are quite popular among social media enthusiasts and using hashtags is a great way to promote challenges. Hashtag-supported challenges go viral in a short time and reach out to a wide range of audiences.

Trending hashtags

 A simple way to use hashtags for marketing, the trending topics provide an opportunity to take advantage of the trends that are engaging a large number of social media users. But it is difficult to highlight a piece of content using trending hashtags.

Niche hashtags

 These hashtags are popular within a small community interested in a niche market. These communities could be small but they are dedicated and loyal to the niches they follow.




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Frequently asked questions about hashtags for marketing


Q: What is a hashtag?

A: A hashtag is an online mechanism that allows users to categorize online content. Hashtags are typically used on social media platforms such as Twitter or Instagram to make content more easily searchable and to draw attention to posts. A hashtag generally consists of a word or phrase preceded by the hash (#) sign.


Q: How can I use hashtags to market my brand?

A: Hashtags can be an effective tool to market your brand online if used correctly. You can create your own branded hashtag to promote your products or services (#MyBrandName), use industryspecific hashtags to promote your content to relevant users (#tech, #startup), use popular hashtags to broaden your reach (#trending) or try to track current conversations relating to your brand and join in (#MyBrandNameChat).


Q: Can hashtags be tracked?

A: Yes, it is possible to track the performance of hashtags through social media analytics tools. These tools can provide you with insights into how your hashtags are performing, who is using them, and which hashtags are yielding the best results.