Uncovering Fake Instagram Followers: How to Check

If you’re an avid user of Instagram, you may have noticed many profiles with seemingly inflated follower counts. It’s not uncommon for Instagram users to buy fake followers in order to increase their profile’s perceived popularity, but this isn’t just a vanity play — fake followers can actually harm your account’s growth and engagement in the long run and reduce your visibility. So how do you check how many of your Instagram followers are fake?

Check how many Instagram followers are fake

The first step is to run a social media audit. A social media audit is an in-depth analysis of your account and followers, which will give you a better idea of who is engaging with your content and who is not. It can also uncover suspicious or inactive accounts that may be fake followers or even accounts run by bots.

Once you have a better understanding of what type of followers you have, the next step is to use tools and services specifically designed to detect fake Instagram followers. These tools can cross-reference your followers with other databases to uncover which accounts are real and which are fake. For example, tools like Twitter Audit can tell you how many of your followers are real and how many are fake.

Finally, you can manually search for signs of inauthenticity. Reviewing your follower list for accounts with no profile photos or irregular usernames is an easy way to spot anomalies. You may also notice follower accounts from different countries although your content only appeals to a certain demographic.

Fake Instagram followers are a real issue, and understanding the extent of this issue on your account is key to maintaining a successful and growing profile. By regularly auditing your followers, using tools and services to detect any inconsistencies, and manually searching for signs of inauthenticity, you can easily check how many of your Instagram followers are fake.