Understanding Instagram Algorithm In Five Steps



Understanding Instagram Algorithm In Five Steps

If you are trying to figure out facts from fiction about the Instagram algorithm then you should start with basics to know how Instagram treats different accounts and posts and factors it uses to determine the engagement of fake Instagram followers. Once you know the Instagram algorithm, you can do a good job.

Here’re 5 facts about the Instagram algorithm that can help understand its basics

Fact 1: Accounts

Instagram treats all accounts equally. When it comes to the algorithm, the biggest influencer marketing marketplace considers user engagement with your posts. If the engagement is high, you are likely ranking high in Instagram feeds. The only difference in accounts is of features like auto-publish feature that is available only with Business Accounts.

Fact 2: Length of a comment

Instagram considers all comments irrespective of their length and it is a myth that comments less than 3 words in length aren’t counted in influencer marketing stat. Comments are used as an important engagement indicator hence every piece of comment counts. For example, an emoji could be more effective than a long sentence. Comments show that your followers are active and listening.

Fact 3: Posting time

First 30 minutes after posting aren’t counted in ranking is a myth and Instagram has cleared it in its algorithm. The truth is that the posts generate maximum engagement in the first 30 minutes hence Instagram doesn’t prioritize posts. But it continues to serve the content to users according to their engagement. But it is good to post content at the time when it has maximum chances of appearing in influencer marketing search.

Fact 4: Photos and videos

Instagram has zero bias between photos and videos. It prioritizes the content that engages users most and it could be either photos or videos. But video content especially short videos attract users most and for this reason, Instagram has more videos in its feeds than photos. But influencer marketing companies should work on both photos and videos to deliver results.

Fact 5: Fake interactions

Interactions performed by bots or comment pods are identified and removed from algorithm by Instagram tools. Also, it is clearly stated that any attempt to cheat the system will be turned down by the platform. If you are really serious about improving your influencer brand platform ranking in 2021 then you should look for ways like to make consistent posts and encourage your followers to engage with those posts.