Verifying Your Instagram Followers For Real Results

If you’re an Instagram user trying to build a following, you want to make sure that your followers are real. Fake followers not only look bad โ€“ they also won’t engage with your content, meaning that your posts won’t be seen by as many people. To make sure your followers are genuine, there are a few quick steps that can help you do the Instagram real followers check.



Check if followers are real on Instagram

The first step is to check the interaction of each follower. Start by going through each account, and see how often they engage with your posts. Genuine followers will comment regularly, like your photos frequently, and even leave DMs. If you see any suspicious activity like random likes or comments, it’s likely that the account might not be genuine.

Another step is to look into the followers themselves. Fake Instagram accounts tend to have usernames related to spam. They will also have few photos, no bio, and no followers and followers of their own. If you notice an unusually low-quality profile, it’s likely to be fake.

Finally, you can also use third-party tools to help you in the process. Sites like SocialBlade will show you the rate at which an account is gaining followers, which can help identify suspicious activity. They also provide other stats that can give you more information about the account in question.

Finding the right followers is essential for any Instagram user. With a bit of research and using the steps above, you can ensure that the followers you gain are real.



Tips to build a real follower base on Instagram


1. Post HighQuality Content: Quality is key to success on Instagram and will help you to attract real followers. Post pictures that are high-resolution, eyecatching, and relevant to your brand.

2. Use Hashtags: Hashtags can easily help you to get more reach and engagement on Instagram. You should research popular hashtags and include them in your posts. This will help to increase the visibility of your postsย and give you a better chance of gaining followers.

3. Track Your Performance: Itโ€™s important to use a tool that helps you to track your performance. This will allow you to see what content works best and what needs to be improved.

4. Interact With Your Followers: Engage with your followers by responding to comments, liking their posts, and following them back. Showing that youโ€™re interested in them will help you to build a genuine relationship, increasing the chance of them becoming true followers.

5. Run Contests: Instagram contests and giveaways are a great way to increase your reach and build your follower base. You can ask followers to tag their friends or use a hashtag to enter the contest. Just be sure to abide by Instagramโ€™s rules to avoid getting suspended.



Find Instagram influencers easily by using Imai




Imai is a platform that provides businesses and brands with access to millions of Instagram influencers. It helps brands identify who their perfect influencers are, and take the guesswork out of influencer marketing. Here are a few steps to help you find the best and most authentic influencers on Imai:

1. Establish Your Campaign Goals First: Before you start your search for a suitable influencer for your brand, it‘s important to be clear on your objectives. Are you looking to increase brand awareness, encourage customer engagement, or drive sales? Make sure you define these goals before you start looking for an influencerย so that you can focus on finding the right person to help you achieve them.

2. Research Influencers: Once you have a clear idea of your campaign goals, it‘s time to start researching influencers. On Imai, you can use their powerful search and filter functions to narrow down potential influencers by demographics, interests, reach, engagement rate, and more. You can also read their profile pages to get an overview of their content, style, and audience.

3. Get Outreach Inspiration: Once you have identified a list of potential influencers that meet your criteria, it‘s time to start crafting your outreach message. Imai has an outreach feature that provides you with tailored messages based on the influencer‘s content, audience, and engagement rate to help you minimize effort and maximize success.

4. Analyze Influencer Data: Imai also provides detailed insights into each influencer’s performance. This includes a breakdown of followers, likes, comments, views, and more. By taking time to study these metrics, you‘ll be able to more accurately gauge an influencer‘s reach and effectiveness.

By following these steps, you’ll be able to find authentic influencers who will be the perfect fit for your brand on Imai. With the right influencer on board, your influencer marketing campaigns will be sure to be successful.



Frequently asked questions about verifying Instagram followers


Q1: How can you tell if an Instagram account has real followers?

A1: You can tell if an Instagram account has real followers by looking at the accountโ€™s engagement rate, including likes, comments, and follows over time.


Q2: Are there any tools to verify Instagram followers?

A2: Yes, there are several tools available to help you verify Instagram followers. SocialBlade is one reputable option, but there are other tools on the market that provide insights to help gauge the authenticity of an accountโ€™s followers.


Q3: How do you identify fake followers on Instagram?

A3: Fake followers tend to have low activities on an account, such as likes, comments, and follows. Furthermore, accounts marked as spam bots or spammers are likely to be fake followers as well. You can use an Instagram verification tool to get further insights into an accountโ€™s followers.


Q4: What can you do to remove fake followers from Instagram?

A4: The best way to remove fake followers from an Instagram account is to use an Instagram verification tool to identify them and manually block them from the account. If you have a lot of fake followers, you can also use a bulk-blockingย tool to block multiple accounts at once.