What Experts Predict About Influencer Marketing In 2020?

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What Experts Predict About Influencer Marketing In 2020?


Influencer marketing could be a game changer in 2020 and beyond. It is evolving and it will continue to evolve in the years to come. These are the words of experts that predict a bright future for influencers.


Let’s learn what experts predict for influencer marketing 2020


Daniel Trösch – Fourstarzz Media


In 2019, businesses spent more on influencer marketing than the traditional media and the experts has firm belief that this trend will strengthen in 2020. He predicts a continuous shift towards micro and nano influencer marketing where micro-influencers will influence the buying decisions with their authentic content relevant lifehacks.


Sarah Levin Weinberg – Stellar


Influencer Mix is how this expert describes the year 2020. According to this expert, the year would see different influencer profiles working on different strategies and content channels. The brands leveraging the power of macro, micro and nano influencers and it would include both human and virtual influencers.


Nate Harris –CreatorIQ


Social platforms will continue to make waves in 2020, according to this expert. The focus will be on the maturation of meaningful data. And influencer marketing will become more measurable with truer numbers and meaningful insights.


Kristina Nikeenko – Zorka.Mobi


This expert has an advice. It is only with creativity that brands will be able to build trust of the target audiences and achieve high performance. Also, the expert predicts creation of new technologies on organic traffic measurement. The expert also warns of greater control over content.


Stephanie Stabulis–HireInfluence


In 2020, the brands will collaborate with influencers to create different things instead of asking the influencers to endorse brands. Also, the influencers would become more choosey in picking brands. And the demand for authentic and quality content will increase the influencer marketing price.


Mae Karwowski– Obviously


The 2020 will be the year of Brand Ambassadors as the businesses will enter into long-term relationships with their influencers. There will be more focus on strategic planning. And the brands won’t hesitate in investing huge sums on influencer marketing.


Dan Seavers–Talkwalker


Brands will involve smaller and smaller influencers to increase engagement with targeted audiences. The small influencers will work much better than their celebrity counterparts.


Mathew Micheli – Viral Nation


Tik Tok will continue to attract the new generation in 2020 and beyond. In the new year, influencer marketing will become a stable for every business.