What Is Instagram Stories Takeover And How Is It Beneficial For Creators?



What Is Instagram Stories Takeover And How Is It Beneficial For Creators?


Instagram Stories takeover is a great idea to increase your influencer outreach and it is beneficial for both brands and creators. It starts with businesses allowing creators to take over their accounts for a day.

Let’s understand Instagram Stories takeover

A business looks for b2b tech influencers and allows a creator to takeover its Instagram account for a day. The creator posts interesting content about that business. It tells how he feels after using the products of that business. The creator shares his real-life experience with those products to allow followers of that business to get the right feel of those products.

How is Instagram Stories takeover beneficial for creators?

Businesses find Instagram influencers to takeover their accounts for marketing and branding. Here businesses have an advantage, but creators also get the benefit of the takeover. They get diverse audiences to target. For example, a creator can add more followers to his account by taking over the followers of a business for a day.

Tips for a successful takeover

  1. Define your goals

Which influencer marketing companies you should approach for takeover depends on your needs. For example, if you want to take your business to the international market then you will need a creator with a high reputation in the international market.

  1. Set a launch date

You should go planned so that you have maximum advantage of the takeover. Start your influencer list well in advance and set a launch date depending upon the preparation time you and your creator need to target the audience with relevant content.

  1. Engage your creator with your brand

Planning in advance will provide you ample time to educate your takeover partner about your brand, business, fake Instagram followers, and your expectations. This information will help the creator in developing a deep understanding of your business.

  1. Set posting guidelines

Your creator will do a better job if he is allowed ample time to execute his creativity. But at the same time, you should guide him to fulfill your objectives. For example, you can share topics you want to cover in writing for greater influencer insight and to avoid disappointments.

  1. Check takeover assets

Once you have received the content, you need to check the assets to make sure that the content pieces reflect your business in letter and spirit. And you shouldn’t approve any content that you feel won’t come in influencer marketing search. Also, you can spread the word about takeover in your Instagram account.