Why Do You Need Instagram Shopping Reels?




Why Do You Need Instagram Shopping Reels?

Brands can enhance the shopping experience of their buyers with the Shopping in Instagram Reels feature on Instagram. It is a new feature added by the leading influencer marketing platform but in reality, it is in response to TikTok’s partnership with Shopify.

What is Shopping in Instagram Reels Shopping?

For buyers, it is a new way to discover products in the Instagram app. They can explore a wide range of products under the “View Products” tab and buy the products they like most. Or they can simply save the products for future use or learn more about the featured products on the influencer marketing marketplace.

For brands, it is an opportunity to make more sales. They can feature their products in Reels and attract eyeballs. The new update is quite helpful for creators that can tag products from partner brands to push the brands they promote. It is an upgrade from Instagram’s existing shopping from b2b tech influencers offering.

Instagram is quite serious in its approach towards building an online shopping platform for brands and this is evident from another feature added in the Reels. It is a “Branded Content” label and it is quite useful for increasing your influencer outreach. Creators can add their content pieces under the label when they’re working in partnership with brands.

What experts have to say about branded content?

While experts aren’t quite satisfied with the introduction of the branded content label for sponsored Instagram posts. But they agree that it could be a good start to influencer marketing reporting.

What is the real reason behind Instagram starting Shopping in Reels?

Experts believe that TikTok’s growing popularity and its partnership with Shopify to start e-commerce in 2021 encouraged Instagram to take this quick step to remain relevant for white label influencer marketing.

TikTok claims to be the most popular entertainment platform with over 100 million users in the US alone. And now it has partnered with Shopify to allow brands to target the younger generation that is most active on TikTok. With this feature, TikTok becomes a leading influencer brand platform.

Where does Instagram stand in popularity?

Instagram is still leading the way in social media. It is also a frontrunner in social e-commerce as it introduced Instagram Shopping in 2018. All its features including Instagram feed posts, Instagram Stories, Instagram Live, IGTV, and Reels are all reliable influencer marketing tools for promoting brands on the application.