Changing Face Of Instagram From Social Media To Social Shopping




Changing Face Of Instagram From Social Media To Social Shopping

Instagram has shifted into the e-commerce space where it provides a unique shopping experience with a new menu shortcut, curated, and shoppable feeds. Also, it has opened up its space for small businesses to come forward and showcase their products to millions of Instagram users. They can also find Instagram influencers for marketing.

Instagram is changing the face of e-commerce in many ways like by rolling out new features and allowing more freedom to brands and influencer marketing companies.

Check how Instagram is ruling the e-commerce space

#1: Instagram feeds are fully shoppable

Instagram app is just like a walk-in store where you find everything so stocked that it matches your needs like wish list and price point. The Instagram algorithm knows your likes and dislikes and when this it is applied to the Shop feed, the influencer brand platform becomes a personalized shoppable destination. Here you’ve options to “Browse Shops”, “See Editors Picks”, “Explore Guides”, and “Shop Collections” that can take your shopping experience to a level up.

#2: Impulse spending

In 2020, when the physical markets were shut, online marketing witnessed a spike in traffic and sales. And that trend in online shopping is  continuing. In early summer, Facebook announced Facebook Shops! for small businesses. It allows small businesses to sell their products online on Facebook and Instagram. They can build catalogue of products and services that users can browse and buy. This feature has further made it easier for shoppers to spend money. It has also made influencer advertising a lot easier.

#3: Influencers are getting a major role

Instagram is the right platform for influencers to be creative in their approach and help brands in targeting potential customers. Creators have plenty of influencer marketing tools to take advantage of on Instagram. For example, take Shopping from Creators where influencers are allowed to add shoppable tags to their posts to help the brands they promote.

#4: Teleshopping will make a comeback

Instagram Live is a case study to understand how this app has transformed videos to give a live shopping experience. It is a small change but it can make a big difference to impulse shopping. Here hosts can give product demos to answer all queries and doubts of potential buyers. Also, buyers can access Instagram Live steams on their desktops and laptops. It will be a TV-like shopping experience. Also, it is a big boost for influencer outreach.