Discover Our Top 4 Business & Career TikTok Influencers for Oxelösund in 2023

Are you looking to drive business or launch an amazing career this upcoming year? Look no further than TikTok! With our team of four awesome business & career influencers, we at Oxelösund are confident that you’ll find what you need to make the most out of the upcoming year. Take a look through our list of outstanding business and career influencers to get you on the path to success!

Top 4 business & careers TikTok influencers from Oxelösund:

1. Black Barbie ? – @blackbarb1ee

Black Barbie ? – the TikTok influencer from Oxelösund – has gained a large following on the app, with no signs of slowing down. With over 2,874 followers, 118,299 average views per video, and an impressive 20,354 average engagements per post, Black Barbie ? has made a name for herself with a 708.21% engagement rate in her posts.

#blackbarbiee is sure to be the face of the next up-and-coming trend.

Followers: 2,874

Engagement rate: 708.21%

Avg. engagement: 20,354

Avg. views: 118,299

2. Jonathan Krona – @cheerjontee

Jonathan Krona, an up and coming TikTok influencer from Oxelösund, has earned a whopping 33,900 followers, and each of their posts averages a stunning 151058 views, with an impressive 19,826 engagements. With this, Jonathan Krona enjoys a staggering engagement rate of 58.48%. Followers of their @cheerjontee account can expect to see quality content about business and careers on their feed.

Followers: 33,900

Engagement rate: 58.48%

Avg. engagement: 19,826

Avg. views: 151,058

3. Timshimlar – @timshimlar

Timshimlar is an influential TikTok creator from Oxelösund, Sweden, with 74,600 followers and a 9.41% engagement rate on their posts. Their contents professional have on average 66832 views and 7022 engagements each.

They have found success online through their interesting, funny, and creative TikToks, and with their ever-increasing presence on the platform, they are building an even more dedicated audience.

Followers: 74,600

Engagement rate: 9.41%

Avg. engagement: 7,022

Avg. views: 66,832

4. Nickyssen – @nickyssen

Nickyssen from Oxelösund is a popular TikTok influencer. Their name can be found on the platform with the username nickyssen. They have in total 83,900 followers with an average of 209330 views and 14,501 engagements per post and a total engagement rate of 17.28%. Nickyssen is a recognize influencer with a focused following.

Followers: 83,900

Engagement rate: 17.28%

Avg. engagement: 14,501

Avg. views: 209,330

Closing Remarks:

As you’ve seen, Our 4 awesome business & careers TikTok influencers at Oxelösund for 2023 have made a huge impact on our community. Not only were they featured in press releases and received staggering levels of engagement, but they also inspired young professionals and demonstrated the power of influencer marketing.

We hope that this post has helped you understand the incredible changes these influencers have made and will continue to make in the coming year. With their influence, the Oxelösund community is sure to thrive in 2023.