Discover IMAI -

# Find Ideal Influencers

  • Use our influencer discovery tools to filter 300M+ influencers based on audience characteristics, engagements, keywords, interests, and 50 diffrent filters.
  • Using our advanced influencer discovery tools, discover micro-influencers, Macros, and influencers of all sizes on TikTok, Instagram, YouTube, Twitter, and Twitch.
  • Curate branded creator lists for streamlined influencer management.
  • Predict campaign KPIs for better planning and assessment.

# 100+ Data Points

  • Access our extensive influencer database (influencer datenbank) with over 300M+ profiles, including detailed insights for effective influencer vetting and selection.
  • Detailed demographic and psychographic analysis of influencer’s audience.
  • Access to public information and comprehensive contact details, including phone number and email.

# Brief In a few clicks with AI

  • Create data-driven briefs powered by AI for effective influencer outreach and campaign planning.
  • Generate detailed campaign requirements and expectations for clear communication with influencers.
  • Optimize briefs based on influencer insights and campaign objectives.

# Manage influencers

  • Streamline your workflow with our influencer management software and CRM, designed for efficient collaboration, campaign automation, and relationship management across Instagram, Twitter, YouTube, and Twitch.
  • Our solution provides an easy way to manage your influencer relationship budgets effectively.
  • Streamlines workflows, reducing time spent on administrative tasks and enhancing productivity.
  • Fosters seamless collaborations with influencers and content creators for efficient campaign execution.

# Influencer LiveLinks


  • Influencer LiveLinks offers real-time performance monitoring for enhanced influencer collaboration. The feature enables influencers to create their own custom-tracked links, accelerating campaign creation.
  • LiveLinks fosters a sense of ownership and partnership based on transparent success, streamlining the influencer marketing process.
  • Leverage our influencer marketing AI and software for powerful audience analysis, campaign tracking, and performance metrics across all social media platforms.

# Campaign Tracking

  • Utilize our influencer marketing tracking capabilities for agencies, e-commerce, and B2B campaigns, ensuring authentic, impactful collaborations.
  • Centralize campaign data tracking and save all influencer content using the Intelligent Marketing Analytics Interface.
  • Customize your dashboard for effective decision-making and identification of top-performing influencers.
  • Access comprehensive analytics for individual links, including metrics for clicks, views, conversion, engagement, etc.

# Sales Reporting

  • Leverage the power of data through our comprehensive Sales Reporting feature for optimal campaign evaluation.
  • Gain access to detailed metrics like clicks, sales, ROI, ROAS, and conversion rates for thorough performance analysis.
  • Utilize our intuitive platform to simplify complex data, aiding in making data-driven decisions for enhanced marketing strategies.

# Automated outreach

Efficient Influencer Outreach

  • Reach out to influencers on a large scale with Consolidate all your messages in one convenient location by seamlessly integrating with Gmail and Outlook.
  • Maximize the number of creators you hire by utilizing our pre-designed email templates, easily customizing them with a single click. Take advantage of ChatGPT-generated replies to streamline communication.
  • Curate the influencers you’re interested in, then bulk export contact details, or reach out directly via the platform. Receive a .csv file with the contact details to your email in minutes or even seconds.

Automate the Flow of Communication

  • Save time by setting up automated email responses and their flow.
  • Tailor your communication: Create multiple email templates based on the creators’ individual actions and rearrange them in a heartbeat.
  • Effortlessly control all sequences, statuses, and associated follow-ups in our exclusive inbox.
  • Curate the influencers you’re interested in, then bulk export contact details, or reach out directly via the platform.
  • Receive a .csv file with the contact details to your email in minutes.
  • Bulk Export Influencer Emails & Phones


# Integration


  • Use our simple 1-2-3 step process to connect the creator’s insights and get real-time 100% accurate campaign performance data from their analytics.
  • Benefit from our user-friendly interface, designed to streamline the analysis of complex influencer data, facilitating strategic decisions for impactful influencer marketing campaigns.
  • Verify real Instagram followers count and gain access to crucial data, including audience demographics, engagement rates, and content reach, using our Instagram insights checker and profile analysis tools.

# Influencer API

  • Our influencer marketing API allows seamless integration of our data and services, empowering your tech stack for comprehensive influencer research and management.
  • Leverage our robust influencers API to seamlessly integrate our data and services into your tech platform.
  • Elevate your platform’s potential and unlock fresh opportunities with our comprehensive offerings.
  • Transform your tech landscape with the power of our API.

# Influencer Marketing for Nonprofit

  • Discover how influencer marketing can help nonprofits reach wider audiences, engage supporters, and drive meaningful impact.
  • Leverage our platform to identify influential advocates aligned with your cause and manage impactful nonprofit campaigns.
  • Maximize your marketing budget with data-driven influencer selection and performance tracking tailored for the unique needs of nonprofits.

# Vetting and Research

  • Utilize our advanced influencer vetting tool and ai tools for influencer marketing to ensure authentic influencer marketing campaigns.
  • Conduct thorough influencer research with our comprehensive research tool, powered by AI and machine learning algorithms.
  • Leverage’s white label influencer marketing platform for seamless influencer discovery, vetting, and campaign management.
  • Integrate with leading influencer marketing platforms like Semrush for expanded influencer data and insights.