Discover the Leading Art & Design TikTok Heroes of Villa Mercedes for 2023

Welcome to the art and design world of Villa Mercedes, a city with an overflowing creativity and passion. Millions of art lovers have come to witness the amazing work of influencers from this place, and the Top 3 biggest art & design TikTok influencers of Villa Mercedes of 2023 stand out among all.

After reviewing their works, networks, and engagement with their audience, we got excited to tell their story and the impact of their artwork to the world. Follow us in this journey as we share inspiring insights and facts about some of the most prominent art & design influencers of Villa Mercedes.

Top 3 art & design TikTok influencers from Villa Mercedes:

1. MC Design –

MC Design, an art and design influencer from Villa Mercedes, Argentina, is a well-known figure on TikTok. Just take a look at the impressive statistics: 5,124 followers and over 50,000 average views per post, 9,363 average engagements, and an engagement rate of 182.73%! Catch MC Design’s awesome art and design posts and tips under their username

Followers: 5,124

Engagement rate: 182.73%

Avg. engagement: 9,363

Avg. views: 52,009

2. Visual Magnet ? Logo Design – @visualmagnet

Visual Magnet, a Villa Mercedes-based TikTok influencer, is an art & design star! With unique, eye-catching branding, Visual Magnet has earned a staggering 65,500 followers and their posts generate an impressive average of 198,309 views and 23,573 engagements – with a whopping 35.99% engagement rate! If you’re looking for eye-catching art & design inspiration, don’t hesitate to follow Visual Magnet (@visualmagnet) now!

Followers: 65,500

Engagement rate: 35.99%

Avg. engagement: 23,573

Avg. views: 198,309

3. Miranda Lorenzo – @mirandalaquemirayanda

Miranda Lorenzo is a rising art and design influencer on TikTok from Villa Mercedes. With her modern and edgy style, itโ€™s no wonder she has 488,500 followers and has amassed an average of 1,800,291 TikTok views per post.

Her influence is further apparent with a remarkable 170,400 average engagements and a respectable 34.88% engagement rate. Check out her handle @mirandalaquemirayanda to be inspired.

Followers: 488,500

Engagement rate: 34.88%

Avg. engagement: 170,400

Avg. views: 1,800,291

Closing Remarks:

To wrap up, if you’re looking for inspiration for your artistic endeavors, the abovementioned TikTok influencers are a great place to start! Whether you want to explore new mediums, pick up tips on perfecting your own artwork, or simply find dreamy smart feeds, these Villa Mercedes art & design TikTok stars will make sure you’re never short of ideas or inspiration. Have fun and keep creating!