Discover the Top 3 Art and Design Influencers on Instagram in São Luís for 2023

São Luís: the vibrant capital city of the Maranhão state in Northeastern Brazil. Home to 1.

1 million people, this colorful metropolis is known for its rich cultural heritage, architectural beauty, and lively street art scene. And in 2023, the local art and design scene is set to be further elevated by three emerging Instagram influencers, who are making waves with their unique and captivating creations.

From eye-catching murals to stunning graphic designs, these artists are taking São Luís by storm, and we’re here to introduce them to you. So sit back, grab a cup of coffee, and prepare to be amazed by the talent, creativity, and passion of these three noteworthy Instagram influencers in São Luís.

Top 3 art & design Instagram influencers from São Luís:

1. Artur Freric – @arturfreric

Artur Freric is an Instagram influencer hailing from the vibrant city of São Luís. With his distinctive taste in art and design, Artur Freric has captivated the imaginations of his 1,962 followers with his stunning and creative posts.

His TikTok videos have also been a hit, garnering an impressive average view count of 20,605. Each of his posts generates an average of 311 engagements, with a whopping engagement rate of 15.85%. People are drawn to his unique and eye-catching visual content that stands out from the crowd.

Everyone who follows Artur Freric is sure to have a lovely and engaging experience. So why not join his growing community of fans and see what all the buzz is about?

Followers: 1,962

Engagement rate: 15.85%

Avg. engagement: 311

2. Italo Mochel – @it_is_illustrart

Are you an art enthusiast scouting for some fresh perspectives on design? Meet Italo Mochel, the Instagram influencer hailing from São Luís. With the username it_is_illustrart, they have over 1,000 followers and a whopping 22% engagement rate in their posts.

But that’s not all. This artist has gained traction on TikTok, with an average view count of over 20,000 and 255 average engagements per post.

Talk about impressive!

If you’re intrigued by Italo Mochel’s talent, then you’re in for a treat. This artist’s art and design style is a visual feast, with a unique blend of colors, typography, and illustrations.

Their approach to art is eclectic and authentic, with a keen eye for detail and an outstanding ability to make their creations stand out.

It’s no surprise that Italo Mochel is blazing trails in the influencer world, with their impressive social media stats, captivating artwork, and a growing community of fans who are eager to see more.

Keep an eye out for Italo Mochel’s next creation, and prepare to be blown away!

Followers: 1,159

Engagement rate: 22.0%

Avg. engagement: 255

3. #KRUMPBRASIL 🇧🇷 – @krump.nordeste

#KRUMPBRASIL is a rising star on Instagram, inspiring art and design enthusiasts with their unique creative perspective hailing from São Luís. With a dedicated following of 3,793, they have succeeded in captivating the hearts and minds of their audience.

Their TikTok videos have garnered an impressive average of 20,605 views, reflecting their ability to create engaging and captivating content. What’s more, their social media posts achieve an average of 177 engagements per post, resulting in an enviable 4.67% engagement rate.

What sets #KRUMPBRASIL apart from their peers is their unmistakable passion for their craft. With varying length sentences, perplexity, and burstiness in their descriptions, they bring a unique and unbridled joy to every piece they create.

They offer a refreshing outlook on art and design, inspiring others to embrace their creativity and explore what’s artistically possible. Anyone looking for a burst of inspiration or a new perspective should definitely give kump.

nordeste a follow.

Followers: 3,793

Engagement rate: 4.67%

Avg. engagement: 177

End Note:

As we come to the end of our blog post, one thing is abundantly clear: the art and design scene in São Luís in 2023 is thriving. From the stunning murals that adorn the city’s streets to the intricately crafted pottery and textiles found in local markets, creativity is in the air.

And the three Instagram influencers we’ve highlighted in this post are truly leading the charge. Their stunning photography, inspiring messages, and keen eye for style have made them must-follows for anyone who loves art and design.

So whether you’re a long-time resident of São Luís or you’re planning a visit soon, be sure to check out the amazing work being done by our three influencers. Their unique perspectives and creative visions are sure to leave you inspired and excited for what the future holds in this amazing city.

Thank you for reading, and until next time, keep exploring!