Discover the Top 3 Travel, Tourism & Aviation Influencers of Mytishchi in 2023

2023 may be the year when travel, tourism, and aviation take off in Mytishchi. As the region’s popularity in the industry increases, here are the top three TikTok influencers already making waves among social media users around the world.

From influential storytellers to inspiring photographers and filmmakers, these influencers have used their platforms to show us glimpses into sectors of travel, tourism, and aviation that we may not have seen before. Read on to find out more about who these Mytishchi TikTok influencers are and how their unique content is revolutionizing the travel and aviation industries.

Top 3 travel, tourism & aviation TikTok influencers from Mytishchi:

1. ะ”ะฐั€ัŒั – @dashasokoll

Meet ะ”ะฐั€ัŒั, a TikTok influencer from Mytishchi. With over 37,400 followers and an average of 428,490 views and 42,361 engagements per post, ะ”ะฐั€ัŒั has a sky-high engagement rate of 113.26%! She posts mainly on travel, tourism, and aviation, ensuring her followers’ feeds are constantly full of wanderlust.

If you’re looking for an adventurous travel guru, look no further than ะ”ะฐั€ัŒั – her username is @dashasokoll.

Followers: 37,400

Engagement rate: 113.26%

Avg. engagement: 42,361

Avg. views: 428,490

2. Dmitrii Khlystov – @ouradrenaline

Dmitrii Khlystovโ€”also known as @ouradrenaline on TikTokโ€”is a travel, tourism, and aviation TikTok influencer based in Mytishchi. With 83,000 followers and an average of 356,550 views and 14,944 engagements per post, this influencer enjoys an impressive 18% engagement rateโ€”allowing them to pack a lot of impact into a single post! From the Arctic to the equator and around the globe, Dmitrii Khlystov takes viewers on exciting unforgettable journeys.

Followers: 83,000

Engagement rate: 18.0%

Avg. engagement: 14,944

Avg. views: 356,550

3. ?EREMIN TRAVEL? – @eremintravel

?EREMIN TRAVEL? is a TikTok influencer from Mytishchi who knows the ins and outs of travel, tourism, and aviation. With 52,700 followers and 333,954 average views per post, their account is highly sought after.

They’ve also earned an impressive 20,562 average engagements per post and an engagement rate of 39.02%. From educating their followers on the best places to visit and inspiring viewership, ?EREMIN TRAVEL? is a top influencer in their field.

Followers: 52,700

Engagement rate: 39.02%

Avg. engagement: 20,562

Avg. views: 333,954


As showcased by these remarkable Mytishchi-based TikTok influencers, the power of travel, tourism, and aviation is strong and inspiring. From stunning aerial shots to captivating cultural perspectives, these influencers have provided unique insight into the world of travel, tourism, and aviation.

We hope that their presence in the TikTok space for the past two years will set a trend for many more travelers to take their adventures to the next level in 2023. With the world of travel constantly changing, their TikToks will surely make us feel a sense of wanderlust in the coming year.