Discover the Top 4 Portuguese Camera and Photography Influencers of 2023

It’s no secret that Portugal is a haven of incredible photographers, capturing stunning shots that are nothing short of awe-inspiring. With Instagram becoming one of the go-to platforms for photographers to share their work, we recently decided to investigate the best Portugal-based Instagram influencers taking photography to the next level.

After an extensive search, here are the four most memorable portrait, lifestyle, and wedding photographers we’re sure you’ll be following next year!

Top 4 camera & photography Instagram influencers from Portugal:

1. Valeriya ?? Longboard Dancing – @valeriya_gogunskaya

Valeriya Gogunskaya is an inspiring Portuguese influencer and longboard dancer who has created an impressive following on Instagram with over 447K followers. Not only this, but Valeriyaโ€™s content also has a reach beyond Instagram with incredible engagement across TikTok with around 185.6K average views and 132.

3K average engagements per post with an impressive 29.55% engagement rate. Valeriyaโ€™s ability to captivate her audiences is inspiring, and her beautiful longboard dancing posts are truly unmissable!

Followers: 447,650

Engagement rate: 29.55%

Avg. engagement: 132,290

2. Lisbon ?? Lisboa Travel | Hotels | Food | Tips –

Lisbon ?? Lisboa is an Instagram influencer from Portugal who has a passion for capturing the best sights, hotel stays, food spots and travel tips. They have an impressive 203,315 followers and an average of 185,560 views per TikTok, 100,804 average engagements per post, and a 49.58% engagement rate in their posts, making them one of the most visible influencers in the camera & photography community.

Followers: 203,315

Engagement rate: 49.58%

Avg. engagement: 100,804

3. Marcio Filipe ?? – @marcio.filipee

Marcio Filipe (@marcio.filipee) is an Instagram influencer from Portugal and an ace at camera and photography. He boasts of a whopping 110,210 followers with an impressive average of 185,560 views per TikTok and an even more impressive 86,125 engagements per post with a 78.15% engagement rate.

He’s a must follow for all budding photographers, camera enthusiasts and Instagram influencers.

Followers: 110,210

Engagement rate: 78.15%

Avg. engagement: 86,125

4. Catarina Fernandes – @catarina._.fernandes

Catarina Fernandes, aka @catarina._.fernandes, is an Instagram influencer from Portugal specializing in cameras and photography! With over 50,000 followers and 180,000 average views on TikTok, Catarina’s followers are actively engaged, with an average of 5,138 engagements per post, and a 10.1% engagement rate. With Catarina’s expertise, you can be sure to break the limits of your creative expression!

Followers: 50,881

Engagement rate: 10.1%

Avg. engagement: 5,138

Last words:

As we move towards 2023, it’s exciting to look forward to seeing the growth, success and impact made in the camera and photography space by these four amazing Portuguese influencers. Their skills, styles, and commitment to excellence will surely bring more attention to photography in Portugal and across the world.

We can’t wait to see what they achieve as they set their sights on the future. Make sure you don’t miss out on the stunning shots and inspiring stories they create!