Discover Wisconsin’s Top 5 Fitness and Yoga Instagram Influencers of 2023

Wisconsin is a hub of fitness and yoga enthusiasts, who are keen on keeping themselves fit in every way possible. With the increased popularity of social media platforms like Instagram, the fitness and yoga influencers of Wisconsin have found an excellent way to motivate and inspire thousands of people to lead a healthy lifestyle.

In this article, we are going to explore the top 5 fitness and yoga Instagram influencers in Wisconsin, who are making waves in the online world of wellness in 2023. So, get ready to discover some extraordinary individuals who are changing the fitness game and mastering the art of yoga, and who are sure to leave you motivated and inspired to step up your fitness game!

Top 5 fitness & yoga Instagram influencers from Wisconsin:

1. Marcus Smalls – @marcusmalls7

Marcus Smalls, otherwise known as marcusmalls7 on Instagram, is a well-known fitness and yoga influencer hailing from the beautiful state of Wisconsin. With an impressive 132,205 followers and an average of 2077 views per TikTok video, he is quickly becoming one of the most popular people in his field of expertise.

However, it’s not just his numbers that set him apart from the rest. His dedication to his craft is unparalleled and he never fails to inspire his followers with his infectious energy and unwavering motivation.

When it comes to engagement, Marcus Smalls is a force to be reckoned with. His posts receive an average of 16,988 engagements each, which is a testament to his ability to engage and connect with his followers. What’s even more impressive is his engagement rate, which stands at an impressive 12.85%. This means that nearly 13% of his followers interact with his posts, which is a rare accomplishment in the world of social media.

Despite his success, Marcus Smalls remains grounded and dedicated to his craft. He continues to share his workouts and yoga poses with his followers, providing a source of inspiration and motivation for those who are looking to improve their fitness journey.

With his stunning physique, calm demeanor, and infectious energy, it’s no wonder that Marcus Smalls is quickly becoming one of the most popular fitness and yoga influencers in the social media sphere.

Followers: 132,205

Engagement rate: 12.85%

Avg. engagement: 16,988

2. martha | all things fit & well – @memmfitness

Meet Martha, the fitness and yoga influencer from Wisconsin who goes by the username memmfitness. As an expert on all things fitness and wellness, Martha has a massive following on Instagram with over 26,000 eager fans. Her content resonates with her audience largely due to its high quality and its ability to inspire and motivate people of all ages and fitness levels.

But her influence doesn’t stop there. On TikTok, Martha has a staggering 2077 average views per post, plus she has a phenomenal engagement rate of 33.81% with an average 8,828 engagements per post.

People just can’t get enough of her.

Martha’s feed is full of expert advice, inspirational messages, and powerful yoga poses that leave viewers in awe.

She expertly combines different styles of yoga and fitness routines to keep things fresh and exciting. Her content is impeccably crafted, with each post showcasing her dedication to helping others achieve their fitness and wellness goals.

It’s clear that Martha’s impact on the fitness and wellness world is only going to grow. To stay up-to-date with her latest posts and get inspired to achieve your fitness goals, be sure to follow memmfitness on Instagram and TikTok.

Followers: 26,110

Engagement rate: 33.81%

Avg. engagement: 8,828

3. Tay | Life After Weight Loss – @taysfreshstart

Tay, a fitness and yoga Instagram influencer, hails from Wisconsin and goes by the username taysfreshstart. With a follower count of 4,674, Tay has successfully inspired many individuals on their own weight loss journeys. On TikTok, Tay averages 2077 views per post, showcasing their ability to reach a wider audience.

Additionally, Tay receives an impressive 7,258 average engagements per post, with a staggering 155.28% engagement rate that proves their content resonates with their followers. It’s clear that Tay’s fresh start continues to inspire people to lead healthier lifestyles through their dedication to fitness and yoga.

Followers: 4,674

Engagement rate: 155.28%

Avg. engagement: 7,258

4. Sophie S. – @sopa_peeps

Sophie S. is a dynamic fitness and yoga influencer on Instagram with a loyal following of over 24,000 people.

She goes by the username sopa_peeps and is known for her inspiring and informative posts about health and wellness. Sophie hails from Wisconsin and uses her platform to share her personal fitness journey with her followers.

With an average of 2077 views per TikTok post and 1,588 engagements per Instagram post, Sophie S. has a powerful impact on her audience.

Her posts have a 6.44% engagement rate, proving that her followers are highly engaged with her content. Sophie’s expertise in fitness and yoga is evident through her engaging posts that showcase her healthy lifestyle.

Sophie S. has built a strong reputation as a fitness and yoga influencer with her thought-provoking and informative content.

She inspires her audience with her enthusiasm for a healthy lifestyle, and her posts are highly engaging with varying sentence length and surprising bursts of information. With her passion for fitness and yoga, Sophie S. is a must-follow influencer who will keep you motivated on your health and wellness journey.

Followers: 24,671

Engagement rate: 6.44%

Avg. engagement: 1,588

5. Peter Larson Fitness – @peterlarson

Peter Larson Fitness is an Instagram influencer from Wisconsin who’s built a following of 6,032 on the popular social media platform. He’s known for his expertise in both fitness and yoga, and his handle, peterlarson, has become synonymous with health, wellness, and mindfulness.

Larson’s TikTok presence is equally impressive, with an average view count of 2077 per video. His posts are incredibly engaging, receiving an average of 273 engagements and a 4.53% engagement rate.

It’s no surprise he’s become one of the most sought-after influencers on the platform.

Many fitness enthusiasts have flocked to Peter Larson Fitness’ Instagram in search of daily inspiration and guidance on their health and wellness journey.

His feed is filled with tips, tricks, and motivational quotes, all geared towards living a more active and fulfilling lifestyle. What sets him apart from other influencers is his unwavering passion for yoga, which he believes is an essential tool for achieving physical and mental well-being.

Peter’s prominence in the world of social media has made him an influential figure within the industry, boasting an impressive 6,032 followers on Instagram. Alongside his mainstream presence is his TikTok account, where he consistently manages to captivate audiences with his content.

With an average view count of 2077 and an engagement rate of 4.53%, followers can’t seem to get enough of his content. They’re drawn to his unique approach, which combines fitness with mindfulness – showing that healthy living is more than just exercise.

As a fitness and yoga Instagram influencer from Wisconsin, Peter Larson Fitness has gained an impressive following of 6,032. He uses his platform to inspire others to lead a healthy and active lifestyle through a combination of yoga and fitness.

He’s become known for his motivational quotes, tips, and tricks, all geared towards living a more fulfilling and wellness-oriented life. With an average of 273 engagements and a 4.53% engagement rate, it’s clear to see why he has become one of the most sought-after influencers on the platform.

Whether it’s through Instagram or TikTok, Peter’s presence is impossible to ignore.

Followers: 6,032

Engagement rate: 4.53%

Avg. engagement: 273

In Closing:

As we wrap up our exploration of the top fitness and yoga Instagram influencers in Wisconsin for 2023, we hope you’ve gained a sense of inspiration and motivation to take your own health journey to the next level.

From the yogic wisdom of @namastewithme to the empowering fitness routines of @fitwithjen, these influencers represent the diversity and vitality of the Badger State’s health and wellness scene.

But more than just showcasing the best of the best, these influencers demonstrate the power of social media as a tool for connection and community-building. Whether you’re a seasoned yogi or a newbie to the fitness game, there’s a wealth of knowledge and support waiting for you on Instagram.

So as you venture forth on your own path to health and wellbeing, remember to stay open, stay curious, and stay connected. Because at the end of the day, we’re all in this together.