Discovering Art & Design Powerhouses: Top 3 Instagram Influencers in بابل for 2023

Welcome to بابل, home to so much art –
Where you can discover new talent with a single start.
To break through obscurity into the limelight –
I’m gonna show you the movers, the makers, and designers so bright.

These are the three of Instagram’s finest –
The ones making big waves in styling and design.
Through fashion, graphics, and all things artistic,
Their style stands tall and its influence speaks – in giant steps.

So come with me and join this tour through artistry –
Let’s learn and explore these pages, and the stories they hold.
For visionaries in style, creativity, and thought –
Get ready to meet the next wave of art and design powerhouses.

Top 3 art & design Instagram influencers from بابل:

1. آموزش سیاه قلم | آرزوعشقی – @arezueshghi

آموزش سیاه قلم | آرزوعشقی is an Instagram influencer from بابل who posts art and design-related content. They have an account with the username arezueshghi and as of now, they have 11,823 followers and an average of 109,270 views on their posts.

They also have an average of 1,163 engagements per post, with a 9.84% engagement rate.

Followers: 11,823

Engagement rate: 9.84%

Avg. engagement: 1,163

2. Fateme khoshnod📞 – @art_khoshnoud

Fateme Khoshnod is a highly successful Art and Design influencer from بابل, Samandran. She posts content related to art and design on her Instagram username, art_khoshnoud, to her 2,194 followers. Fateme Khoshnod’s posts typically garner an average of 109270 views on TikTok and 881 average engagements on Instagram.

Additionally, she has a relatively high engagement rate of 40.15%. Overall, Fateme Khoshnod is an excellent influencer and her content is highly regarded in the Art and Design industry.

Followers: 2,194

Engagement rate: 40.15%

Avg. engagement: 881

3. عاطفه ذاکرزاده|طراحی چهره|سیاه_قلم – @atefe.zakerzade

عاطفه ذاکرزاده|طراحی چهره|سیاه_قلم is an art & design Instagram influencer from بابل who has an impressive portfolio of art and design posts. With an average of 4,342 and 109270 views on her TikTok videos and 874 engagements on her posts, this Instagram influencer has an impressive 20.13% engagement rate which would be an excellent outlet to reach fans and followers in بابل and beyond.

Followers: 4,342

Engagement rate: 20.13%

Avg. engagement: 874

Wrap Up:

As a final thought, tapping into the power of art and design influencers on Instagram is a sure way to get your message heard and share your work with the world. By following these amazing artists and designers in Baghdad, you will get great ideas, motivation, and discover new techniques that can help you to become successful in 2021 and beyond.

Let’s keep inspiring each other with our creative vision and soul!