Discovering Big Bear Lake’s Trending Pet Influencers: Top 3 on Instagram in 2023

Big Bear Lake has been the home to some of the most captivating pets Instagram influencers of all time. The year 2023 has been no exception, as we have witnessed the rise of some of the most adorable and awe-inspiring pets to ever grace the social media space.

These furry friends have amassed thousands of followers thanks to their cuteness, personality, and undeniable charm. So, whether you’re a fan of cats, dogs, or even exotic pets, you’re sure to find something that will warm your heart and keep you entertained for hours on end.

In this post, we’ll be taking a look at the top 3 pets Instagram influencers of Big Bear Lake in 2023, and why they’ve captured the hearts of so many people from all around the world. Get ready to be blown away by their unique personalities and the incredible adventures they’ve been on.

Top 3 pets Instagram influencers from Big Bear Lake:

1. Oliver, Seymour & Finley? – @2_newfies_and_a_nard

Oliver, Seymour & Finley? is an Instagram influencer from Big Bear Lake. Their account, with the username 2_newfies_and_a_nard, boasts an impressive 31,060 followers. Not only that, but their TikTok videos garner an average of 726 views each, showcasing their undeniable popularity.

The engagement rate on their posts is a staggering 117.85%, with an average of 36,603 engagements per post. It’s no wonder why this trio of pets has become quite the sensation on social media.

With their charming personalities and adorable shenanigans, they are sure to continue capturing hearts and minds everywhere. If you’re not already following along, you might want to hop on the bandwagon and see what all the fuss is about!

Followers: 31,060

Engagement rate: 117.85%

Avg. engagement: 36,603

2. Clifford the Mini Red Dog –

Clifford is a social media star from Big Bear Lake, known for his adorable, miniature size and stunning red coat. With a username like and almost 14k followers on Instagram, you can expect utter cuteness and plenty of double-taps.

Whether he’s lounging in his luxurious bed or strutting his stuff in the great outdoors, Clifford has the personality and charm to keep his loyal fan base engaged. With an average of 726 views and 3k engagements per post, he’s no stranger to virality, and his 22% engagement rate proves he’s got the magic touch.

It’s no surprise that Clifford’s influence extends beyond Instagram, as he has an impressive following on TikTok. With 13.

794 followers, he manages to maintain the same level of engagement with an average of 726 views per post.

Overall, Clifford is the perfect example of a successful social media influencer who has captured the hearts of both pet lovers and casual scrollers with his irresistible charm and undeniable cuteness.

Followers: 13,794

Engagement rate: 22.21%

Avg. engagement: 3,064

3. Romina and Asher Milagro – @ash_and_romi

Asher and Romina Milagro, an Instagram influencer duo, hail from Big Bear Lake with the username ash_and_romi that boasts of 2,057 followers. Their TikTok account averages a whopping 726 views per post and a staggering 494 average engagements per post. Impressive, right? But that’s not all.

Their impressive 24.02% Instagram engagement rate is something to die for. These furry pets are undoubtedly a force to be reckoned with in the social media world.

Predictably, their followers vary in gender, age, and interests. However, they all have one thing in common; they love to follow these two pets and their daily antics on Instagram.

Overall, Asher and Romina’s unique personalities and dynamic social media presence have made them quite the celebrity in the pet influencer world.

Followers: 2,057

Engagement rate: 24.02%

Avg. engagement: 494

In Closing:

In conclusion, the Top 3 pets Instagram influencers of Big Bear Lake in 2023 have brought endless joy and entertainment to their dedicated followers. From the lovable antics of Bella the Shiba Inu to the breathtaking scenery showcased by Willow the Maine Coon, these furry friends have captivated the hearts of pet lovers far and wide.

Their posts have not only provided a much-needed source of positivity and lightheartedness during these difficult times, but they have also served as a reminder of the unconditional love and companionship that our pets offer us every day.

As we continue to navigate the ever-evolving world of social media and online influence, one thing is certain: the Top 3 pets Instagram influencers of Big Bear Lake in 2023 will undoubtedly continue to hold a special place in the hearts of their adoring fans. Whether they are showcasing the stunning natural beauty of their home, or simply snuggling with their human companions, these pets are a true inspiration and reminder of the joy that our furry friends bring into our lives.