Discovering South Northamptonshire’s Top Beauty & Cosmetics TikTok Influencers in 2023: 5 Memorable Names to Know

It’s 2023 and the powerful, creative influencers of South Northamptonshire have been captivating audiences with their captivating beauty & cosmetics content on TikTok the past year. From enchanting makeup tutorials to mesmerizing skincare reviews, these dynamic influencers have been setting trends and advocating for the beauty and cosmetics industry, going beyond aspirational lifestyles to inspire women to feel their best.

We’ve compiled a list of top 5 most memorable influencers of beauty and cosmetics at South Northamptonshire and are excited to share their stories with you. Get ready to be inspired!

Top 5 beauty & cosmetics TikTok influencers from South Northamptonshire:

1. Elsadieka Alli – @elsadieka

Elsadieka Alli, based in South Northamptonshire, is a beauty and cosmetics TikTok influencer. Her username is elsadieka and she has amassed 105,400 followers. Her posts can reach an average of 194,241 views and garner an average of 30,451 engagements per post, with an impressive 28.89% engagement rate.

Elsadieka brings to her followers a wealth of makeup knowledge and tips, along with gorgeous aesthetic visuals to back them up.

Followers: 105,400

Engagement rate: 28.89%

Avg. engagement: 30,451

Avg. views: 191,424

2. Cheyanne – @cheyannekerr

Cheyanne Kerr is a South Northamptonshire-based beauty & cosmetics TikTok influencer, boasting an impressive 258,300 dedicated followers. Her engaging posts have an average of 122,293 views, 11,667 engagements and engagement rates of 4.52%. With her incredible reach and eye for artistry, Cheyanne has become an inspiration for many cosmetic lovers, sharing tutorials and product recommendations.

Followers: 258,300

Engagement rate: 4.52%

Avg. engagement: 11,667

Avg. views: 122,293

3. Derma Felicity – @derma.felicity

A South Northamptonshire beauty & cosmetics influencer, Derma Felicity, has created a following on TikTok with the username derma.felicity. She has gained a following of 22,100 and her posts have an average of 247,257 views, 49,731 average engagements, and a 225.03% engagement rate. Derma Felicity has become a viral phenomenon in the beauty and cosmetics industry with her creative and entertaining TikToks.

Followers: 22,100

Engagement rate: 225.03%

Avg. engagement: 49,731

Avg. views: 247,257

4. michelle – @michellekyra

Michellekyra is a South Northamptonshire-based beauty and cosmetics TikTok influencer with an impressive following of 43,400. On average, her posts garner 401,614 views and 38,037 engagements, with an engagement rate of 87.64%. From tutorials to product reviews, her content always earns high engagement and provides valuable insight into the world of cosmetics.

Followers: 43,400

Engagement rate: 87.64%

Avg. engagement: 38,037

Avg. views: 401,614

5. sincerelyoghosa – @sincerelyoghosa0

Meet sincerelyoghosa, a beauty and cosmetics TikTok influencer from South Northamptonshire. This talented content creator has amassed a loyal following of 21,500 (and counting!), with an average of 158467 views and 20,158 engagements per post – and a staggering 93.76% engagement rate.

Follow sincerelyoghosa0 to be part of the beauty and cosmetics community that sheโ€™s built over the years โ€“ and get ready for an exciting journey!

Followers: 21,500

Engagement rate: 93.76%

Avg. engagement: 20,158

Avg. views: 158,467

All in All:

The influence of these 5 leading TikTok influencers in the field of beauty and cosmetics within South Northamptonshire in 2023 is undeniable. From personal beauty tips to makeup tutorials, these influencers have brought innovative ways for their audience to embrace their own beauty and express their style to the world.

From fashion trends to beauty advice, their presence has made South Northamptonshire a vibrant and exciting place to explore beauty and cosmetics. We can only imagine what the future holds for these influencers as they continue to shape and influence the culture of beauty and cosmetics.