Discovering the Future of Sports with These 3 Phenomenal TikTok Influencers from Pazardzik in 2023

From country skiing superstars to cross-country BMXers, the TikTok sports influencers of 2023 have been taking the internet by storm! With over 10 million followers and one wildly successful video already gaining international media attention, these 3 phenomenal sports TikTok influencers of Pazardzik have won the hearts of millions. Get ready to dive into the lives of the most successful TikTok sports influencers of the past decadeโ€”here are the best of the best!

Top 3 sports TikTok influencers from Pazardzik:

1. ivodkarakashev – @ivodkarakashev

ivodkarakashev is a sports TikTok influencer from Pazardzik with 1,169 followers and a whopping average of 328,325 views per post. They enjoy high rates of engagement, with 3,674 average engagements and 314.29% engagement rate per TikTok.

Whether it’s football, basketball, volleyball, or some other sport, follow ivodkarakashev for the best in sports content!

Followers: 1,169

Engagement rate: 314.29%

Avg. engagement: 3,674

Avg. views: 328,325

2. Thomas Konov – @konov23

Meet Thomas Konov, TikTok’s rising sports influencer from Pazardzik, Bulgaria. A social media savvy individual with the username konov23, Thomas has established strong followership on the app, amassing a total of 26,900 followers. His engaging content on sports has garnered an impressive 30680 average views and 2029 average engagements per post, translating to a 7.54% engagement rate – a testament to his increasing popularity on the app.

Check out his posts and memorable videos!

Followers: 26,900

Engagement rate: 7.54%

Avg. engagement: 2,029

Avg. views: 30,680

3. aivannov – @a.777.i

Aivannov, a TikTok influencer from Pazardzik, has made a considerable impression on the sports community with their fun and creative TikToks. With 2,434 dedicated followers and an impressive 58,999 average views per video, they have certainly gained recognition.

Their average engagements per post reach up to 3,693, with an impressive engagement rate at 151.73%. Their TikTok username โ€“ a.777.i โ€“ has become synonymous with sports-related content, and they’re showing no signs of slowing down.

Followers: 2,434

Engagement rate: 151.73%

Avg. engagement: 3,693

Avg. views: 58,999

All in All:

In conclusion, the sports TikTok influencers of Pazardzik of 2023 are the perfect combination of talent, ambition and creativity. They demonstrate motivational content and a can-do spirit that is so inspiring! As we look forward to see what they create in the future, we are in awe of the success of these young influencers.

For now, all thatโ€™s left to say is: chapeau!