Discovering the Top 3 Wigan Shopping & Retail Influencers on TikTok in 2023

They said it couldn’t be done – to determine the 3 highest shopping & retail TikTok influencers of Wigan in 2023. Challenged to uncover the best of the best TikTokkers, we dared the unimaginable.

But the statistics don’t lie. Undeniably the most intrigued, active and talked about in the industry, we now introduce the 3 highest shopping & retail TikTok influencers of Wigan in 2023.

Top 3 shopping & retail TikTok influencers from Wigan:

1. Waitrose shopping centre – @harvs691

Meet harvs691, the shopping & retail TikTok influencer from Wigan! With 2,287 Followers and over 211,000 average views per TikTok, harvs691 has made a name for themselves at Waitrose shopping center. Not only that, harvs691 is also generating high engagement rates of nearly 1912%, with 43,720 average engagements per post.

If you want to stay on top of the latest fashion trends and catch up on the latest deals, be sure to follow harvs691!

Followers: 2,287

Engagement rate: 1911.67%

Avg. engagement: 43,720

Avg. views: 215,911

2. Liv Preston – @livpreston

Liv Preston is a shopping & retail TikTok influencer from Wigan with 324,700 followers, an average of 264,600 views and 12,099 engagements per post. With an engagement rate of 3.73%, Liv Preston is quickly building an impactful presence on the platform.

Her username is livpreston and she is known for her high-images and videos related to shopping & retail.

Followers: 324,700

Engagement rate: 3.73%

Avg. engagement: 12,099

Avg. views: 264,600

3. ?โœจ Sinead Baldev โœจ? – @sineadbaldev

?โœจ Sinead Baldev โœจ? is a shopping and retail TikTok influencer from Wigan, UK. With a username of sineadbaldev, they currently have over 251,700 followers and 207,178 TikTok views per post.

In addition, they have an engagement rate – or audience interaction rate – of 9.1%, with an average of 22,907 engagements per post.

Followers: 251,700

Engagement rate: 9.1%

Avg. engagement: 22,907

Avg. views: 207,178


It is clear that shopping and retail TikTok influencers in Wigan are constantly growing in popularity with more and more people watching each year. With the rise of social media influencers, these three stars are surely ones to watch in the future.

No doubt many more shopping and retail TikTok influencers from Wigan will gain popularity in the years to come. It is exciting to see where this dynamic TikTok phenomenon will take us in the years to come.