Exploring the Top 3 Art & Design YouTube Influencers in Warson Woods for 2023

The art and design scenes in 2023 are bustling with talent – and no more so than in the exciting city of Warson Woods. Here, next-gen designers, Illustrators, and innovators form a bustling landscape – with 3 stand-out influencers drawing attention across the city and beyond.

From digital artwork livestreams, to captivating YouTube shows, these inspiring art professionals are winding their way into our hearts – and showing us how to create beautiful art with the latest technologies! In this blog post, we’ll explore these 3 phenomenal art & design YouTube influencers in Warson Woods… and be prepared – you won’t be able to keep up with them!

Top 3 art & design YouTube influencers from Warson Woods:

1. KickFlix – @AlmightyOfficial

KickFlix, the YouTube influencer based in Warson Woods, is making waves in the world of art & design with 821,000 subscribers, an average of 13.2million views, and 646,431 engagement per post! With an outstanding 78.74% engagement rate, AlmightyOfficial, KickFlix’s username, is quickly becoming one of the top names in the art & design industry.

Subscribers: 821,000

Engagement rate: 78.74%

Avg. engagement: 646,431

Avg. views: 13,224,291

2. PrettyBored – @prettyboredvids

PrettyBored (prettyboredvids) is a YouTube influencer from Warson Woods who creates amazing art and design content. Their subscriber count stands at 639,000, with an average of 4,443,184 views per video โ€“ an impressive achievement for any YouTube content creator! Not only that, but their posts see an average of 271,708 engagements, with a 42.52% engagement rate. PrettyBored shows no signs of slowing down, making art and design fun and engaging for their vast audience.

Subscribers: 639,000

Engagement rate: 42.52%

Avg. engagement: 271,708

Avg. views: 4,443,184

3. Kevin G. Schmidt – @p8nbulldog

Kevin G. Schmidt, aka p8nbulldog, is an art & design YouTube influencer from Warson Woods with over 828,000 subscribers.

He’s become renowned for his unique aesthetic, often combining digital art with traditional media, and his videos receive an average of 31,528,358 views and 1,343,803 engagements โ€” giving him an impressive engagement rate of 162.3%.

Subscribers: 828,000

Engagement rate: 162.3%

Avg. engagement: 1,343,803

Avg. views: 31,528,358

Last But Not Least:

In closing, we are fortunate to have these three phenomenal art & design influence stars in Warson Woods for the 2023 year! They have contributed to our artistic culture in a big way and will certainly continue to inspire future creative generations. Art and design are essential components of modern life, and thanks to these influencers, we can enjoy innovative and beautiful works of art while learning more about the craft and industry of art & design.

They have set the tone for what it means to be an art & design influencer and have inspired the entire Warson Woods community!