How to discover influencers with the best target audiences for your campaign


There are SO many influencers out there! ? Some estimates find that there could be as many as 38 million influencers – from mega to nano – currently on social media platforms Instagram, YouTube and TikTok. That’s a lot of influencer content to take in!

Given the sheer number of influencers, and the variety of their areas of expertise, one of the central questions that brands have is “Which influencer has the best target audience for my marketing campaign?”. 

The answer is certainly not always straightforward, but influencer marketing data platforms like IMAI’s can be a lot of help. 

Here are a few ways that IMAI’s Discovery platform could help you identify the best influencer for your campaign, based on your desired target audience.

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1. Understand their audience’s predominant physiognomy 

By getting the low down on the general characteristics that define your influencer’s audience, you can make sure that your campaign materials aren’t falling on deaf ears. For instance, if you are marketing a beauty product, it’s best to double check that you’re not working with an influencer who has mainly male followers

Just take Kylie Jenner (@kyliejenner), who is an Instagram superstar with over 312 million followers. If you wanted to work with her on a beauty campaign, you would find the following about her followers:

Kylie would be a great influencer to work with if you’re marketing a product that is mainly geared towards women as 64% of her followers are female. In addition, it would make sense to work with her if the product is geared towards a younger audience as over half of her female followers are between the ages of 18-34.

Analyzing this data may seem like a straightforward step, but it’s often a first step that’s overlooked by marketers interested in working with the biggest name influencers in their market segment.

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2. Know where their audience lives

This is a really important step for smaller brands that are looking to market their product for sales. There are a lot of internet shops and microbrands that work with an influencer who’s followers don’t even live in a country they can ship to! 

That’s why diving into the location of the influencer’s followers can be a big help in pushing your marketing dollars where they need to go. 

Getting back to Kylie, take a look at the geographical breakdown of her followers, taken from our Discovery platform:

Given this data, it would make sense to work with Kylie if you’re trying to market a product to women in the U.S. as most of her followers come from either New York City or Los Angeles. 

3. Check out their audience’s interests to expand creative possibilities

It’s easy to get caught up in your immediate goals when working on an influencer marketing project, but if you want to extend the value of your work with a particular influencer even further, you should consider looking into their audience’s other interests. This is a great way to get creative and new ideas for related content that you could push with that influencer, but also is a key step to getting the messaging for the target audience right.

Again, when looking at Kylie’s data, her audience is interested in:

That means, if you’re a clothing brand working with Kylie, you might also consider marketing some of your infant clothes, or emphasizing social aspects of your brand in the campaign. Campaigns that appeal to more than one of the audience’s interests are more likely to succeed and catch their eye.

At the end of the day, when it comes to marketing your product, you want to make sure that your message hits home with the right crowd. That’s why using an influencer marketing data tool, like IMAI’s Discovery platform, could be a gamechanger for your next influencer campaign.