How To Write A Pitch Email To Brands For Influencer Marketing?

If you aren’t pitching enough to brands, you’re likely to lag behind those that are running after every brand. Everyone from large influencer marketing companies to freelance influencers is looking for ways to collaborate with as many brands as they can.

Not everyone could feature in influencer marketing search and for this reason, influencers especially nano influencers (less than 10K followers) are advised to pitch to brands.

Write a pitch email to brands you want to collaborate with

Do you know what a pitch email is? It is a message from a professional to a brand. You will introduce yourself as an influencer and then give reasons to join hands with you. For example, you can add influencer marketing stat like verified analytics report and details of relevant brand partnerships to convince the brand you are writing an email to.

Elements of a great pitch email

It should be a beautiful message, visually appealing, and full of convincing facts to present as the best candidate for social media influencer marketing. You can easily write a pitch email by taking care of the following factors.

Subject line

The subject line should short but eye-catchy. Also, you should try giving as much information about your influencer marketing affiliation in the subject line as possible.


Introduce yourself in a very professional manner. You should know that the brands are more interested in checking your influencer marketing dashboard where they can check your content and influence on social media users.

Explain what you like most about the brand

You want to align with a specific brand. The brand will appreciate it if you could offer a few facts that could relate your influencer insight with the values of the brand.

Don’t forget to attach your media kit

Your media kit is your online portfolio that will help the brand know more about your knowledge, experience, and influence. You should have a media kit ready to be sent with the email or you can make one for the influencer brand platform you are targeting.

Share a verified Instagram analytics report

It is something that can add more value to your email. It will highlight the data like profile statistics, audience demographics, top-performing posts, and top Instagram stories. It is like influencer marketing reporting to the brand you are pitching.


End your email with a call-to-action for influencer advertising and share your price to help the brand make an opinion on your offer for collaboration.