IMAI: Solving influencer marketing issues


While influencer marketing results in many benefits for the companies that use it, there are still some common issues that are important to address.

10 problems in influencer marketing 👽

  1. Time required to find the right influencer
  2. Time required to manage large campaigns manually
  3. Amount of manpower required to activate and manage the projects
  4. Using excel sheets, email or whatsapp to communicate
  5. Hard to follow up and track the performance
  6. Fake followers
  7. No or poor audience data and analytics
  8. Failed KPIs
  9. Unconnected platforms to manage influencer marketing programs
  10. Payment and invoicing

LDRS GROUP’s solution💡

Several years ago, LDRS GROUP invested in technology and created IMAI, a comprehensive influencer marketing automation (B2B SAAS), enabling full management of influencer marketing campaigns. This AI automation platform has revolutionized influencer marketing and enables to solve all the above mentioned common issues currently encountered in this marketing technique.

IMAI has developed an end-to-end comprehensive influencer marketing solution for all types of influencer marketing programs.

Three different modules have been put in place in accordance with the types of companies we work with and their needs. These will be discussed in more detail in the following blogs, so stay tuned if you want to learn more about them!