IMAI’s Social Listening Tool: Stay Ahead on Social Media Trends and Competition

In addition to the search capabilities and email notifications, IMAI’s social listening tool also provides insights on the top influencers, hashtags, and sponsors for each search. This can be a valuable resource for brands and marketers looking to partner with influencers or incorporate specific hashtags into their social media strategy.

For example, if you search for a particular brand or product, the tool will provide you with information on which influencers are mentioning the brand or product most frequently. This can help you identify potential partners for sponsored content or influencer marketing campaigns.

Similarly, if you search for a specific hashtag, the tool will show you which posts are using the hashtag most frequently, as well as which sponsors are associated with the hashtag. This can help you identify trends in your industry or gain inspiration for your own social media content.

Another useful feature of IMAI’s social listening tool is the ability to export your results as a CSV file. This allows you to easily share your findings with your team or analyze the data in a more detailed manner.

It’s important to note that you can use IMAI’s social listening tool without any limitations with any of our subscriptions. This means that regardless of which subscription plan you have, you can take advantage of this powerful tool to gain insights on social media trends and keep track of your competitors.

Overall, IMAI’s social listening feature provides a comprehensive solution for brands and marketers looking to gain insights on social media. With the ability to track mentions, hashtags, and sponsors, as well as receive email notifications and export your results, this tool is a valuable resource for any social media strategy.