Influencer Marketing Affiliation platform

You have an e-commerce or an App and you want to track conversions? We’ve found the solution!


The #1 Affiliation platform for influencer marketing

Manage, track, analyze and optimize online advertising campaigns in real-time and understand which influencers sell your product best!


Dedicated influencer dashboard

With Pay-Per-Conversion strategy, and our real-time influencer dashboard updates, they get the right incentives to create more contents to increase their revenues.

Manage your campaign

With our configurable dashboards, get all the data in real-time and manage all your campaign in one place.


Track all conversions

Customize conversions, goals, payout tiers, and get all the data to optimize performance in real time

Optimize your CPA network

With our AI smartlinks system and Anti-fraud protection technology, you will never lose one $ in fake traffic