Know What Is Trending In Instagram In 2021



Know What Is Trending In Instagram In 2021

In 2021, Instagram has lined up many jobs to improve user engagement with its influencer marketing platform. There will be a focus on e-commerce, increase in diversity and inclusivity, microblogging, and virtual brand events.

Here’re important predictions that could trend on Instagram in 2021

#1: E-commerce

Instagram is promoting e-commerce with features like Instagram Shop, shoppable posts, stories stickers, and Live shopping. And it will continue to strengthen its influencer marketing tools in 2021 as it is committed to helping everyone from small to large businesses in selling their products.

#2: Short-form videos

Instagram’s experiment with its Reels feature was successful. It boasts of an impressive influencer list of over 500 million daily Instagram stories users. And now it is experimenting with more features including increasing the length of short-videos to 60 seconds, personalized Reels algorithm, and brands focusing on Reels, Stories, and IGTV.

#3: Carousel posts and memes

They are here to stay as they provide a perfect growth hack to brands. They are easy and sharable and since likes are disappearing, it likely that savable and sharable content will become more important for influencer marketing search in 2021.

#4: Focus on diversity and inclusivity to increase

The year 2021 will bring good news for Instagram users especially colored people that reported discrimination by brands in 2020. Instagram seems committed to bringing more diversity and inclusivity to its influencer platform in 2021.

#5: Boost for influencer marketing

The good news for social media influencer marketing is that it will get a big boost with Instagram’s new e-commerce features and tools. Influences will be able to expand their network and partnership with small as well big brands in 2021.

#6: Shift towards authenticity in captions and posts

Last year was tough for everyone due to the pandemic but it taught an important lesson that was “be authentic”. On Instagram, both brands and b2b tech influencers were seen talking about loneliness and self-esteem. This trend will continue in 2021.

#7: Microblogging

Brands and influencers started writing long captions to be authentic. Also, the followers don’t mind reading a couple of words about the real feeling of a brand or person. So, it can be said that this white label influencer marketing platform is converting into a microblogging site.

#8: Virtual activities and events

The year 2020 was the year of virtual events and the trend will continue in 2021 as influencer marketing companies see it as an opportunity to bring their communities together without worrying about time and place.