LDRS’ Execution System


The execution platform is a 4-entry system in which the brand, the influencer and the project manager get their own interface: 

1. Backend – the Agency interface:  https://backend.ldrsgroup.com/login  

This is the heart of the system. A project manager can control a full campaign using the backend. From there, you can create logins for: 

  • The client, so that they can access the Customer Dashboard 
  • The Influencers, so that they can access the Influencer App   
  • The Talent agents, so they can access the Agent Dashboard

2. Customer Dashboard – the Client interface: https://customers.ldrsgroup.com/login  

All clients get their own access to the customer dashboard to follow up on the campaign activated with the agency. From this interface, clients can: 

  • Chose the influencers they want to activate from our pre-selected picks 
  • Validate the content before it goes live 
  • Once live, receive all the KPIs of the campaign in real time 

3. Influencer App – the influencer interface: Available on Google Play and Apple Store. Through the app, influencers can: 

  • Receive campaign briefs and accept or refuse to participate 
  • Send content for approval  
  • Provide content insights 
  • Communicate with us through the chat 

4. Agent Dashboard – the talent agents’ interface:  https://agents.ldrsgroup.com/login 

When an influencer works with an agent, he is usually unable to download the app as he is not managing the communication. This is why we have developed an interface specifically designed for the talent agents so that they can communicate with us during a campaign in a seamless, efficient, and optimal way.