Ldrs Google Chrome extension


Several years ago, following the undeniable need for data, LDRS GROUP invested in technology Β  and created IMAI πŸ‘©πŸ½β€πŸ’»- a comprehensive influencer marketing automation B2B SAAS, enabling full management of influencer marketing campaigns. This AI automation platform revolutionized influencer marketing and is divided into four distinct platforms: the discovery, the client dashboard, the influencer app and the backend.Β 

The discovery platform is the most comprehensive and efficient AI-driven analytics program for companies scouting and searching for the most relevant influencers for their campaigns. It was developed to optimize the search for the right influencers for each given activity and brand. Social data helps businesses detect fraudulent influencers and explore in-depth insights into the demographic and psychographic data of millions of influencers worldwide πŸ‘€.Β 

Previously, to deep dive into the demographics and psychographics of an influencer and their audience, you had to switch between two tabs πŸ”„ ; the influencer social media page and the IMAI discovery platform. However, Ldrs Group recently released a particularly cool feature optimizing and streamlining this process. In fact, we have implemented an IMAI discovery browser extension system. Thanks to this, when viewing the Instagram profile of an influencer in your browser, in order to obtain analysis and insights you will only have to activate the extension which will give you access to all the needed information in seconds. Plus, the IMAI discovery page will appear on the same screen you were browsing, letting you see it all in one. This will save you time ⏰ and prevent you from having to switch between tabs.

How to download IMAI chrome extension on your computer

Open the following link: https://chrome.google.com/webstore/detail/imai/kjkallhgljhgnogipimailfgkelkgake/relatedΒ 

When done, the IMAI Google Chrome homepage appears andΒ  you should click on “Add to Chrome” πŸ–±, as seen on the picture below.

Then a small window will open and you will have to click on “add extension” πŸ–±.

Once done, a small IMAI logo will appear in the upper right corner, next to the search tab. This is the shortcut that you will use to analyze Instagram influencers.

How to use IMAI chrome extension on your computer

Once the IMAI Chrome extension is installed, you can start using it effectively 🎬.

Go to Instagram with your computer and search for an influencer profile that you want to analyze. Once on his page, you can click πŸ–± on the small IMAI logo and you will be able to see the real-time statistics πŸ“ˆ of this influencer and his audience, directly on the same screen, as seen on the picture below.