Leaders’ Creators AR 


In the 21st century, technology has become an integral part of our lives. New technological innovations📱are emerging all the time, especially in the marketing industry where innovation is what stands out. There is no doubt that if you want to stand out, get traffic, interest and sales, it is necessary to keep up with technological advancements. Augmented Reality (AR) is THE upcoming technology in the marketing world. It is a digital technology that allows digital interactive assets to be placed over the real world and marketing experts believe that its impact will be similar to that of social media ☄️.

In recent years, AR Effects Filters have created a new, fun and exciting way for users to enjoy social media, and a new way for brands to deliver a unique user experience and stronger engagement. It also cultivated a new community of superstars: the creators of AR effects.

This technology allows us to create modern and spatial interactive campaigns that are more interesting and experiential for the customers. Additionally, with AR we can resolve the greater fear of potential customers that keeps them from buying and allow them to see what products will look like on them / in the environment before purchase 👌🏼.


LEADERS’ Solutions

In order to stay relevant, attract the right audience and drive sales, LDRS Group has developed “CREATORS AR”, a service provider exclusively dedicated to AR technology. The different solutions we came with are listed below.

  • Filters for the social media

Social Media like Instagram or Snapchat are filled with filters. But they aren’t used just for making us pretty anymore, we use them to create a unique connection with the audience, resulting in campaigns with hundreds of thousands, if not millions of impressions 📈.

  • Product empowerment

Social media filter that only works when the product is detected. This filter strengthens the product and brings it to life, by adding to the logo / print animation and additional elements, to improve the customer experience but also bring added value 🔝. 

  • Facebook AR ads

Spatially sponsored Facebook ads that lead the viewer to an AR experience and allow them to try the products live. Inside the experience, there is a button ⏩ that takes the user to the product page for purchase.

  • Magical mirror

Large screens connected to a camera will be placed in stores, allowing customers to see what the product will look like in real time 👗.

  • VTO for websites – Virtual Try On

The most powerful tool and the future of this world : a “TRY” button on the website next to the buy button on each product page. This button will allow potential buyers to see what the product will look like before purchasing

To conclude, we are experts in building and developing the best AR experience for businesses for any cause. We help brands purchase their very own filter, designed especially for their needs, following their brief and keeping their objectives and target audience in mind. We make sure the process is smooth and easy, and all in a secure and affordable way🔒.